Scott's Satin Sheets

City Heat, Book Four

Having money does have perks but Payton Albright is a woman who hates it in many ways. It is because of money and wealth that she is somewhat a prisoner on her father’s yacht. Her whole life has been centered on her father always doing the right things and being overly protected. Payton is tired of being sheltered and for one moment she has fun with Scott Fletcher. She sees him from faraway, but something about his body ignites her in a way she has never known before. Payton knows that she is safe from him and this new sexual chemistry is scaring her. Yet when he gets a job on her father’s yacht she knows firsthand what his body can do to her. Nights with him in her bed are fabulous but she wants more than just nights. Can she find a way to be with Scott without getting him fired or her father finding out?

Scott Fletcher loves sex and in some ways is dominant but hasn’t found the right woman. That was until he got a job on a yacht working for a very wealthy man that can make all his dreams come true. The only thing standing in his way is the daughter. She is the sexy, beautiful and rich Payton Albright. Something about her excites him and makes him wonder about more than just nights with her. Payton completes him in every way. Not only in conversations but also in sex. He’s never been a possessive or dominant guy but with Payton he’s all those things and more. Scott knows that working with his father and spending his nights with her is dangerous. Yet something about Payton and her satin sheets just excites him more and more. Can he just walk away from her?

Book 4 of Lacey Alexander’s Key West series is one that you need to get. Lacey has done it again in an explosive and naughty way. I loved that Payton is not your regular poor rich girl but she is a woman who wants adventure. Not just a tepid adventure but a hot and true love with a man like Scott. Here is a guy that you will love for he’s determined to make a name for himself yet torn when Payton enters his life. Scott’s Satin Sheets is a great story and man the scenes between them are hot. You get passion, adventure and love all in one book. This is a book that is well worth getting.

Lacey Alexander will make you look at satin sheets in a whole new way.

Book Blurb for Scott's Satin Sheets

Length: Short Novel
Payton Albright has it all—she spends her days on a yacht sailing the Caribbean, with every comfort she could desire. Except one—freedom. At twenty-six, Payton is treated like a child by her wealthy father, kept under his thumb. And Payton has needs—need she’s desperate to have met. Desperate enough to let her inner wild child out, desperate enough to seduce a stranger into the satin sheets on her bed.
The moment Scott Fletcher spots the beautiful Miss Albright, he knows she’s trouble—very tempting trouble. Her father is Scott’s boss, and Scott needs to keep his job. Yet when Payton propositions Scott, he can’t resist. Soon he discovers there’s more to Payton than meets the eye—the persuasive wild child turns out to be as sweet as she is sexy, and he’s more than happy to be her bedroom tutor.
But what happens if Scott takes one too many chances with Payton? What happens if he’s caught rolling around in satin sheets with the boss’s daughter?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 5.00