Samantha's Sacrifice

Samantha Adams loves her family and will do anything she can for them. Her late father had a debt he had to pay but fate intrudes in their lives. Now with no choice she must fulfill that debt by herself. Samantha never expected though to meet a man like Blake McCarthy. He is everything she is trying to avoid yet something about him distracts her. It is a good distraction though but each time she sees something good in him Blake does or says something stupid. Blake believes that she is just a scheming woman out to get all his money and his ranch. All Samantha cares about is raising her little girl and trying to fulfill her debt. Can she overcome the attraction and hatred of Blake?

Blake McCarty loves his ranch and everybody knows it. He’s worked hard for it to be a success and won’t let a woman like Samantha interfere in his life. Blake has known women like her and knows he is in trouble. Something about her is making him remember the pain of his past. Samantha is beautiful, smart, a hard worker and knows that she is nothing like the woman he is seeing. He knows that she is hiding something yet all he wants is to be with her. Each time he tries to be nice it backfires on him. Claiming to be on the ranch to marry him is the lowest thing she has done. Yet she has more surprises for him and Blake knows that no matter what he will always love her. Can he prove to Samantha that he can love again?

Samantha Adams and her little girl are adorable in this sweet romance read. Little Annie will capture your heart right from the beginning. Samantha is a woman who is not easily defeated and definitely is a great match for Blake McCarty. Here is a man who is not easily swayed when it comes to a beautiful woman, even one like Samantha. Together these two are great in every chapter. You can see a hero in Blake because when he loves someone it is forever. Kudos to Sandi Hampton for a wonderful read. I can’t wait for more from this talented author.

Book Blurb for Samantha's Sacrifice

Western Historical Cactus Rose

Rating: Spicy

Page Count: 288

To uphold her family’s honor, Samantha Adams agrees to take her sister’s place and marry wealthy rancher Blake McCarthy. But when he claims no knowledge of the wedding contract, she finds herself in desperate straits to support herself and her adopted daughter.

Having lost his wife and son during the war, the last thing Blake wants is another wife. When beautiful Samantha Adams shows up at his ranch on the pretext of honoring a marriage contract, he believes she is only after someone to take care of her and her daughter. And he is determined it’s not going to be him.

Neither Samantha nor Blake are prepared for the attraction they feel. They both intend to fight it to the bitter end. But when passion sparks into flame, can Blake’s passionate kisses and sweet caresses make Samantha forget his accusations and mistrust, and can Blake’s desire for Samantha overcome his suspicions?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 5.00