Runaway Weekend

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Runaway Weekend

Beth is a workaholic, has never taken a vacation and when she does she is in for a huge surprise. The thing is that when she starts on her trip she never expected to meet Josh and Colin. All she wanted or thought at the time was quiet, peace and maybe a little relaxation. Now even though they are gorgeous men she never expected to actually join them in their cabin. Can she overcome this weekend with some peace or will it be a great vacation?

Okay unfortunately this one was not one of those keepers for me. There's not much that we read about Josh and Colin. I mean the whole story was more like one sided always talking in the first point of view. In some stories they are okay but this one definitely not. It seemed more like Beth was complaining about her life. I mean here she is finally on a vacation and all she talks about is the stuff she did before. The scenes between them, one good threesome, was okay but you can tell from the beginning what was going to happen. There just wasn't enough suspense to get my attention. If you like those kinds of book then yes this is your book. However if you like reading a story line with some plots to it and a little suspense then this is not your book.

Book Blurb for Runaway Weekend

Beth wasn't looking for excitement. She desperately needed to relax and find her center. She hadn't expected to find her center between Josh and Colin, but when the lights went out and they laid the offer to fullfill her fantasies on the table, she discovered it was just too tempting to resist.

Rating: Carnal, menage a trois.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 2.00