Rory's Regret

Halloween is a time for celebrating, trick or treats and a time for two lovers to be together again. It is a time for Roy and Dorian to get a chance to find the peace they have been seeking for a long time. These two lovers from a young age thought they had everything going for them. That was until a man who wants Rory for himself did everything he could to destroy their love. Years later they are trying to be together again to give the life they never had a chance. The only way they can be together is if two modern day lovers actually see them. Seems easy but for Rory and Dorian who have been trying for years to make this possible are losing hope. Can this Halloween be any different from the other times?

Wow this is the first I have read of this author and must say it won't be the last. Eva St. Croix did a beautiful job of showing two people so in love that the man will do anything he can to make his woman happy. Dorian is a true gentleman who we don't see often in this age and Rory is the perfect woman for him. Even though they can only be together one night of the year they make every time they have last forever. The love scenes between them are hot and must say this ghost was wow. Eva St. Croix brought the story to life where you can see Dorian in the beach naked and their love through out the book. Awesome job.

Book Blurb for Rory's Regret

Halloween. A day for tricks or treats and hauntings. For Dorian and Rory, it is a day to experience love and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. They long for each other, waiting for the one day of the year they can touch each other.

There is only one way that they can be together forever. Until then, they must repeat the day they died until a mortal sees them and helps them to the other side.

This Halloween a psychic reveals past horrors and Dorian is seen by a local girl. Rory, still unseen by a mortal, is filled with regret. Cruel events could cause her to be left behind while Dorian moves into the light. Is she destined to spend eternity alone?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 5.00