Roped, Hitched and Lassoed

A Three Book Box Set

Review of Roped. Review by Melinda.

Jared McTavish is a proud man and now because of enemy warfare is coming back home crippled with one leg. He thought his life was over until his nurse; Ninia brings him back to life and dreams of very erotic fantasies without her nurse's uniform. He knows that she can never look at him as a complete man but in his dreams she is doing wicked things to him as a slave. Things that make him awake wanting it to come true. He used to be into the BDSM community and only his family knows about that secret. With Ninia he is wishing for more than just a master and slave relationship. Can he make Ninia see that he is all man for her? Or does she already see that and want more than just a master to command her?

Ninia is a patient nurse but when it comes to Jared McTavish her patience is running thin. She sees him as a strong, gorgeous and brave man. He thinks she sees nothing but a cripple but in her dreams he is all the man she wants. It comes as a surprise though that one night he shouts words that make her wet and wild for his touch. These words make her want to succumb to his kisses and much more. She has always been into the BDSM world and knows a master when she sees one. Jared is definitely a master and she knows that with one word he can make her do anything she willingly wants to do. Can she make him see that he is much more than an injured man but the spotlight of all her fantasies and dreams?

Oh my god I love Ann Jacobs and this new series. As a reader who is getting into BDSM Ann Jacobs did a beautiful job of showing this world to a novice without it sounding ugly but sensual and sexual. Jared and Ninia are two people so much alike each other it scary to see them separate. Both of them share one thing in common and that is the master and slave thing. Ann not only did a beautiful job but she showed that BDSM doesn't always have to be about commands and doing humiliating things but with the right person it can be not only beautiful but a treasure. The Heart of the West series started with a great story and now I'm going to continue with my next review about the brother Brad. If only the dungeon Roped and Lassoed were real for Ann Jacobs has such a great imagination you can see all this come to life when you read her books. Great job and highly recommended.

Book Blurb for Roped, Hitched and Lassoed

Three siblings, all deeply entrenched in the BDSM lifestyle...

Jared, wounded warrior who completes his healing as he heals his widowed slave

Brad, roughshod rodeo cowboy who finally finds he wants more than just a partner in club play

Diana, who raised her younger brothers and survived a sadistic master’s cruelty, who finds her happily ever after with her vanilla first love.

Three couples, three interwoven stories of Dominance and submission—but mostly of forever love against a backdrop of the majestic hills of southwestern Wyoming.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00