Rodeo Heat

Dating in your 20’s is fun but try getting back in the dating game in your 40’s. She married a great guy but poor Grace Delany never experienced the fun sexual side everybody talked about. Now years later and widowed she is learning about all things that involves sex including BDSM, spankings, anal sex and doing it in the open. It’s all exciting her and scaring her. It’s only scaring her because for the first time since she bought her first erotic book she wants to try it out. Going to a rodeo was supposed to be her entry into dating again not shacking up with a tall, gorgeous, sex-on-a stick cowboy like Ben Lovell. He is a man who can ride a bull within eight seconds and still look sexy and all dirty. He is making her all hot and bothered. Their first night is explosive and though she keeps trying to stay away from him this cowboy just ropes her back into the sensual side of all hot, passionate sex. Can she just walk away from this cowboy?

Ben Lovell is thirty-four years old and tired. His life has been centered on rodeo and he is one step closer to getting his dream to come true. Everything has turned upside down when Grace Delaney walks in to the arena. Unlike the usual buckle bunnies that squeeze their breasts too him she is different. Like a breath of fresh water he sees something in her eyes he has never seen before. Grace wants to explore sex and he’s just the man to help her. Ben knows that it is wrong to tease and persuade her with sex yet he can’t stop. Seeing her open up to him with her body is a gift to him. Ben has never seen such a beautiful and passionate woman like Grace that he wants her forever. He knows he has not much to offer but like any hot-blooded male he is persistent. Can he convince to Grace that when it comes to love, age is irrelevant and that that love is all that matters?

Ladies one word for this book is BEWARE. You are going to need something to cool yourself down with as Desiree knows how to turn up the heat. Sex, passion and newfound explorations are just the right ingredients in this book. I loved that Grace is a woman who has been married but for the first time is learning about sex. Oh she’s had vanilla sex but not real all-consuming sex like she has with Ben. Now Ben Lovell, man if this guy was for real everyone who reads this book would jump him right away. He’s got this sexual lure that Grace can’t say no to and I’m right along with her. These two together are hot and man the sex scenes are animalistic and raw yet sensual with tenderness that Grace cannot say no to. Again ladies BEWARE for once you start this book there is no way your going to put it down.  Desiree Holt does an awesome job as usual. This is another hot, passionate book that is worth reading. The cover says it all – HOT.

Book Blurb for Rodeo Heat


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She never knew what heat was until she met her cowboy—then fire consumed them.

It could have been the animalistic heat of the rodeo, or the pin with special powers that the old woman all but forced her to buy. But, whatever it was, within seconds of meeting rodeo rider Ben Lowell, Grace Delaney’s safe world ignites in a voluptuous explosion of lust. Every night is something new. From the handcuffs to the intriguing sex toys to the taking of her virgin ass, Grace gives in to it all, relishing her body’s surrender.

As Ben Lowell leads her from one earth-shattering climax to another, as her body softens and opens to him, her juices lubricating the way, all she can do is hang on for dear life and follow his lead.

But when it’s over, can she really walk away from the man who has taken her on this outrageous journey of sexual self-discovery, one where there are no limits or boundaries?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 5.00