Ride the Fire

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Ride the Fire

Firefighters of Station Five, #5

Eve Marshall is in a dilemma. You see for years she has had only one man in her life. The problem is that he was married and now is a recovering alcoholic. Yet through all this her love for him has grown stronger each day. Knowing that his whole family died in a tragic way is heartbreaking but through it all she knows Captain Sean Tanner will survive. She has no idea how to just stay as fiends when he comes back to the fire station. One kiss is all it takes for her to realize that he feels the same way she does towards him. The kiss makes her notice how lonely her life has been without him. Sure Sean was there as captain but ever since the death of his family he has been a shell of the man she came to love. She is a strong woman and can carry her weight with five firemen riling her every day but the thought of Sean not wanting her for more than a one night stand is too much. Can she give her heart to Sean when there might be a chance he could never return that love?

Captain Sean Tanner has been living a life of hell for the past two years. Two years since he lost his little kids and wife. Two years of going to work in a body of emptiness and no love to come home to. Through the years he’s made mistakes, some that even cost one his best fireman’s life. Sean knows he can never bring his family back but has no idea why a good woman like Eve Marshall would love him. Fire station #5 is more than just a fire station for him. It has become a second family to him. Eve is a good woman and has no idea why she would want a brokenhearted, alcoholic of a man like him. He knows that maybe someday he can be something she would be proud of but someone from his past wants him dead. Someone who is making him wonder if maybe his family’s death was not an accident after all, but for a good reason. Can he protect Eve from his past to and show her that he can be her prince charming, one that will love her forever?

Three words for Jo Davis new book in the Firefighters of Station #5 series is OH MY GOSH. This is of course the story of their captain, Sean Tanner. Now what really got me was that throughout the whole series we see a little about Sean’s pain but nothing really has been revealed until now. It broke my heart to see this strong man in so much pain and then to realize that love is still there for him in a woman like Eve. Now Eve is definitely highly applauded throughout this series for this woman stays through everything for the man she loves. The love between these two is beautiful and yet so sad in a star-crossed lovers way but still second chances are worth everything. Jo did a remarkable job in bringing back all the characters and showing how far they have matured from being rambunctious firemen to reformed rakes. This author is truly talented in that she creates these characters with so many traits it’s hard to not love them. They are full of pain and laughter, but need a chance to finding love again. Awesome job and once again Jo Davis rocked it in this series. I wish these characters were real!

Book Blurb for Ride the Fire

After he lost his wife and children to tragedy, Capt. Sean Tanner drowned his pain with alcohol. Now, fresh from rehab, he wants to regain the trust of his team and begin again. The last thing he needs is to have feelings for beautiful firefighter Eve Marshall. But even as they dare to explore their growing desire, Sean learns that his family may have actually been murdered. And that a shadow from his past has returned to finish off Sean-and anyone he loves.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00