Rewriting Monday

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Rewriting Monday

Pepper Malone is stranded somewhat in Bailey, Texas with nowhere else to run. She did one stupid thing that has turned her life upside down. As a reporter she has been known to find hot stories but never thought one would almost kill her. Residing in Bailey was supposed to be her safe haven but working for a small time newspaper has brought her nothing but trouble. It doesn’t help that her boss is gorgeous with people wanting him dead as well.
Pepper doesn’t know why her boss is in trouble but his life is interesting. She’s never known anyone who will sacrifice his whole life dream to settle down in a small town like Bailey. The thing is that she knows the stay won’t be forever. Life with her boss is going to be hard until she finds the ones who wants him dead. Can she reveal the truth to her boss and keep staying alive?
This is a first I have read of Jodi Thomas and though it started slow it did intrigue me. I loved that Pepper was like a modern day Lois Lane trying to make ends meet. She loves being a reporter but sometimes her job is dangerous. The whole who is after Pepper was interesting but somewhat didn’t keep my attention. I loved that her boss had a whole secret identity that made me want to know more. That seemed the only thing that got me through this book. There was an Intriguing storyline, but it just didn’t hold my attention.

Book Blurb for Rewriting Monday

Reporter Pepper Malone moved to Bailey, Texas, after a news story nearly got her killed. Now she wants to be left alone to do her job in relative peace and quiet. But when the newspaper's staff is targeted by a madman with a grudge against the media, Pepper is drawn back into the public eye—and into the arms of the paper's handsome owner.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.00