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Ten years ago Andria Thomas gave up her soul mate. The one guy she became impulsive with and just let go of everything. Not just any guy but Jake Walker. Even though she was just eighteen years old she knew she found the right guy. The thing is when things got serious she ran. Unusual for a woman like her but now that she is an adult she knows it was the right thing. Yet seeing him again after all these years she is afraid. Going away for a couple weeks to the ranch seemed like a good idea for her little girl. Going through a divorce is a big traumatic event but her hooking up with her old beau might put her over the edge. Seeing Jake again brings back all the sweet memories and new ones for her. She has no idea what this relationship will bring but knows that a day without him is too heartbreaking. Can she just go back to her regular mundane life without Jake?

Ten years ago the woman of his dream left him. He knew that if he took their relationship seriously it would be the end but he didn’t think she would actually break it off. All these years all he had was just his memories and the memory of her kisses. Seeing her again after all these years is like bringing back his youth again and their sweet love. A young Andria took his heart and an adult Andria just takes his breath away. Kisses from her are not enough for he wants more but as a business owner he has rules especially when it comes to his guests. As owner of the ranch where their love started he must main propriety. Yet all he wants is to be with her and see where their relationship can go. Can he convince Andria that they deserve a second chance and for something more?

I love it when an author writes about second chances especially with characters like Jake and Andria. These two were great when they were younger and now as grownups they are even more passionate than ever. The chemistry is still there and there’s hope for more in their relationship. Andria’s little girl and Jakes are like sisters meant to be and great matchmakers in every way. I loved that they are confused in what to do now when their passion comes back for one another. Alana did a beautiful job in making their relationship stronger yet still memorable in every way. Loved it.

Book Blurb for Retreat

Book Length: Full Length

Ten years ago, Andria Thomas celebrated her high school graduation with a retreat at a Wyoming guest ranch. She never expected to fall for a young cowboy during her horseback riding lessons. There was no way that she would sacrifice her well-planned life for a long-distance relationship with a guy she’d only known for two weeks! Now, after a bitter divorce, Andria has returned to the V-Bar Guest Ranch, and is surprised to find that not only does Jake Walker still work on the ranch, he’s now running the place. The last thing she needs is another disruption, and treating herself to a fling with an old lover is not the way to relax and regroup. It’s a good thing she has help resisting his charm, thanks to Jake’s wife. Time for a hasty retreat...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.25