Ready To Take A Chance Again

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Ready To Take A Chance Again

Grace Winston is in hell. Going back to her old childhood place was supposed to be great but Jake Magee will be there. Jake Magee is her biggest mistake. Well that is what he thinks of her. One night between them and everything changes for her. All her life she has had a crush on him. He was her hero and best friend. One night changed everything and now even though she is over him the feelings are back again. Grace knows that Jake still thinks of her as the little girl with a crush but she can’t forget the hurtful things he said to her years ago. Now that she is back she is ready to start a new and try as much as she can to avoid Jake. She has no idea what he is up to but now that Jake is confusing her heart again.
Jake Magee is back to his childhood place to get the woman he lost years ago. He is determined to get his Grace back in his life. Years ago Jake thought it was cute that she would follow him everywhere. One night with her though changed everything. Saying it was a mistake though was bad. Ever since their interlude he knows that she is the one for him. Trying to woo her back though is hard. Every time he thinks he’s made some progress she shoots him down. He is ready to have her in his life forever but is she ready to take a chance on him again.
Ready to Take a Chance again is sweet tale that reminds me of the song from Abba. Grace is ready to move on with her life and find the right man for her. Every time she thinks she has found him Jake intrudes in her heart. She knows Jake will never love her but a girl can try. Now Jake he is not your typical male in the romances. This guy is ready to do whatever he can to get his woman back. I loved the way that it was the heroine this time who didn’t want anything for love, well at first. Great book by Rita and can’t wait for more of her stories.

Book Blurb for Ready To Take A Chance Again

Turning to Barry Manilow for inspiration seemed desperate, even to Grace Winston. Nevertheless, a warbled rendition of Ready to Take a Chance Again, chased down with an overabundance of cheap chardonnay, left Grace primed for an extreme life makeover. Now she must choose between a flame that burned her in the past and an engaging man with a past of his own.

After a decade in the military, Jake Magee is finally ready to settle down with the woman he's spent years dreaming about. Unfortunately, past mistakes threaten to derail his plan to show Grace he can be the man she always wanted. To win her heart, he must first find a way to win back her trust.

(252 pages) Spicy

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.00