Kahn's Haven

Anita Bennett is a woman of nature and loves exploring the mountains. Her friends call her crazy to be hiking up there by herself. Now she is regretting going alone when after being in the mountains for 6 days dehydrated, hungry and most of all lost for the first time. The only thing she has for a companion is a black, sleek, gorgeous jaguar that follows her. In some way she knows it is guiding her to somewhere and for the first time since entering the mountains she feels safe. Shocked that she is actually following a jaguar and intrigued that she is able to understand the jaguar speaking to her. Dehydrated she may be, but she is all too aware of the attraction she feels for this jaguar. Is it possible to believe that she may be attracted to an animal or is it all a hallucination?

Rakahnja is a proud jaguar that has lived in the mountains for so long. He smelled Anita land knows he has to rescue her. He knows what civilization is like when it comes to shapeshifters and humans by their cruelty. Losing his parents years ago, by evil humans, he vowed he would never sacrifice a mate of his to that cruelty. Yet with Anita it is becoming hard to not claim her for his and to just protect her. His heart is opening up to her and now Rakahnja is not sure whether his life will ever be the same once he returns Anita back to her world.

Oh my god if the cover of Mr. Romance doesn't do it for you the story sure will. I encourage you to grab this book. If you do not then you will miss an awesome book.

I loved that even though Rakahnja had a bad past, losing his mother at a young age, he was still able to see that the world hasn't changed that much when its comes to shapeshifters. He was still able to decide that he was willing to take a human female to mate.

From the description of his soulful amber eyes to his hot body there is no way that Anita would ever forget Rakahnia. This man is hot and the jaguar part wow. I don't know which scene I liked best. All of the scenes between Rakahnja and Anita are super hot! Nicole Austin has a hit with this book and will I look forward to more from this talented and imaginative author.

Book Blurb for Kahn's Haven

Anita Bennett’s fight to solve the mystery of eight lost days leads to a hunt for the jaguar-man who haunts her fractured memories. Her plan is simple—find and seduce him. What she didn’t anticipate is his resistance.

*This title, previously published as Rakahnja’s Haven, has been revised and re-edited.*

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.00