Raina's Fantasy

It is Raina Zharov's Millenium birthday and she has a craving for one of her fantasies to come true. You see Raina is a Vampire Queen and has had many men, but there is one thing she has never had before in her life. She has never had two men in her at the same time or felt that real connection. The only man she ever loved was Marcus and he died at the hands of an evil man that turned her into a vampire. She is ready to have her fantasy come true and never expected to see her men at a slave block. This is not your usual slave auction for these men are sold as sex slaves. They will have sex with any human or nonhuman. Two men catch the vampire queen's eyes and they are not your usual men. Just looking at them Raina knows that one of them is arrogant, the boss and the other one is the follower. Can she make the boss follow her? Has she possibly found her mate at last? What is in store for the follower?

Johan Stone is a man who is not ordered or commanded to do anything he doesn't want to do. It comes as a shock when he is sold to Raina, the Vampire Queen. He new this was the only choice for his best friend Zane. Zane needs help in the worse way. Zane is close to dying. As Zanes best friend he must help him. If things were different they would probably be lover. They have been through so much. From being Warriors of the elite Exodus organization to now fallen warriors being treated like animals at a market. He knows he has to help Zane, but at what cost? Can he succumb to Raina's orders and let her take control? He is a warrior who has always had control?

Zane is a warrior and one of Johan's only friends in this lifetime. Though they are friends there is something about Zane that Johan never knew about his friend. One big one is that he is a submissive and afraid of confronting Johan with this realization. He is not sure how Johan would take it, but knows that with Raina anything is possible to overcome. Zane knows in his heart that Raina is their salvation and if not for her they could have gone to someone evil. For example Drakkon a demon bent on vengeance to kill. Can Raina make them see that in someway this was meant to be? Will Johan and Zane get all they wished for in their lives?

Okay ladies and gentlemen get ready for one hot, exhilarating and oh yes passionate story from a debut author. I'm shocked that this is Jo Carlisle's first paranormal erotica for she has got in all the basics for a great erotica. There is love, second chances, passion between each character, a villain that is set to kill at no cost and the power of having faith in finding your true soul mate. Awesome job and can't wait for more from this talented, imaginative and passionate author. Not only does she know how to create strong, virile, handsome men, but knows when to take them far beyond just vanilla sex.

Book Blurb for Raina's Fantasy

On her Millenium birthday, Vampire Queen Raina Zharov combats her aching loneliness by purchasing two fallen modern-day warriors from the auction block. Irresistible charmer Zane Ramsey embraces his role as the Queen's thrall, eager to fulfill her every desire. But the dark warrior…

Johan Stone was forced to sell his body in order to save his best friend's life, but no one will ever own his soul. In spite of his resistance, he is seduced into surrendering both to Raina, and the explosive sexual heat the trio experiences together rocks his world. Johan is soon falling in love with his mistress, conflicted between duty and awakened dark desires.

When Johan and Zane battle the deadly demon enemy responsible for their fall from grace, Raina must make the most heartbreaking decision of her existence — whether to betray a promise to Johan or prove her love by allowing him to die with honor.

Reader Advisory: This story contains scenes of male/male sex, multiple sexual partners, bondage, and violence.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 5.00