Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman

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Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman

Stephen Lyons fought on the war lines trying to be a hero yet is unfulfilled. Everybody around him says he’s a hero but he doesn’t remember anything. Two years in the war and he has a giant gaping hole in his life and no one can tell him about it. That was until he met Mercy Dawson who is not alone but with his child. At least she says he is his child but he cannot remember anything. Everybody around him tells him to be cautious of Mercy and the child but he knows the child is his no matter what. Somehow this woman has brought a peace he hasn’t felt in a long time with her laughter and love. He is in pain every day and leads a life of questions that his family can’t answer except Mercy. Yet each time he asks she eludes him with laughter and passion. Stephen knows he doesn’t deserve her but somehow in her eyes he does feel like a hero. Can he find out what happened those two years he was in the war? Is the child really his?

Mercy Dawson has loved Major Lyons from afar and never thought he would fall for a woman like her. Yet now that she has something precious to him she feels it is up to her to return it to his family since he’s dead. Or is he? Seeing Stephen again not only breaks her heart of the lie but also makes her dream of passion and his love for real. Mercy only had one night with him in the war but it was one she would never forget. Seeing him alive again though definitely makes her life harder but makes her yearn to know more about him. Stephen has a way of making anybody love him but Mercy knows his love would definitely break her more. Kisses from him make her feel crazy with passion yet a day without him in her life and little John just tears her apart. Can she tell him the truth before someone ruins her readymade family?

Book 2 of Lorraine Heath’s series “London’s Greatest Lover” continues with more awesomeness. We learned a little of the wild, reckless boy Stephen was in the first book with his brother Morgan but never knew the real Stephen Lyons. I loved that Lorraine showed us his vulnerability in this book yet also a sensual side. His memory loss really breaks you as you see the pain he goes through in trying so hard to remember but he just can’t. Now Mercy is definitely the woman for him in every way from helping him with the pain to finally showing him love for the first time. Together these two were great and little John; the child was adorable. Great job Lorraine.

Book Blurb for Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman

As the black sheep second son of an Earl, Stephen Lyons has gained a reputation in the art of seduction, but when his wicked ways result in scandal, he joins the army to redeem himself. On the battlefield, he proves courageous...until he is seriously wounded. Returning home to recover from his injuries, he discovers their true cost. How is it possible that he can't remember the angelic beauty who arrives at his doorstep, his babe nestled in her arms?

Mercy Dawson will risk everything -- including her good name -- to protect the son of the dashing soldier she once knew and admired. When Stephen offers to do the honorable thing, she is determined that London's most notorious gentleman will desire her and no other. But even as their passion ignites, Mercy fears that what began as an innocent deception could destroy her dreams and their blossoming love if Stephen ever learns the scandalous truth...


Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00