Playing For Keeps

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Playing For Keeps

The Smith Sister Trilogy: Book 2

Keirra Smith hates cops and the danger they live through each day. She knows she should give officer Eric Brooks a chance but each time she does the fear comes back. As a young child she lost a good officer in her life and still recalls the day she lost her loved one. Eric is everything she has tried to ignore but his persistence starts warming her up. Keirra has never known a man so determined like him and his passion for her just excites her more each day. Meeting his family is something she was not prepared for yet now she is wondering how she can go back to being alone again.

Officer Eric Brooks has found his woman and will do everything he can to keep her. The thing is Keirra keeps denying the attraction and love. He knows that she loves him but can’t figure out why she keeps pulling away from his love. Each day with her is making him see a life without her is not something worth living. Eric knows that something in her past is keeping her away from him but he doesn’t want to pressure her. His family always said once you find the diamond in the rough to never let her go and he knows Keirra is his diamond. Can he prove to her that he will not leave her anytime soon that he is there to stay forever with her?

Wow Stephanie Morris has done it again with this great book. It is fast-paced and was sweet from the beginning to end. I loved that Eric was so persistent and wouldn’t stop until he got Keirra. Both of them were hilarious for each time she kept denying her love he was like a bull never giving up. Playing for Keeps was a great book and part of a series that is funny all the way through.

Book Blurb for Playing For Keeps

Keirra Smith has never met a man more self-confident, overbearing and irritating and she wants him. Only she isn’t willing to admit that she does. Eric Brooks lives a lifestyle that she doesn’t want any part of but he wont take no for an answer. Knowing that she is fighting a losing battle she gives in. After all what better way to prove to him that they are incompatible than to give into everything that she want—he wants.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.75