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Claire Howard is in love. Well she’s always been in love with Evan Price. Something about his voice captured her years ago but seeing him in person she is enchanted. She knows it is wrong to deceive him but she needs to for her job. Everybody wants to know what really happened to Evan Price after his accident. It is up to her to find out the truth but she never expected for him to hire her as a violinist. Now trapped in her own lie she has a big decision to make. Unaware to her she never expected for Evan to have deep feelings for her. What started out as a lie is slowly blossoming into something she doesn’t know what to do about?

Evan Price us to be legendary until one faithful night. He knows his fans don’t like him anymore but it is his last chance to make a difference. Just when he thought his career was over he hears a melody. Not just any melody but one that has captured his heart. Evan knows the only way for a big comeback is if he can get Claire. Something about her is bringing light back into his life, a light that he doesn’t want to let go of. He knows he’s done so many bad things but hiring Claire is the best thing that has happened. Can he convince Claire that he is not a has been and deserves a second chance?

Play It Loud was an enchanting tale of second chances and love. It is a story about a love the music that brings them together. In the end it’s a music that will keep them together forever. Evan needs one more chance to make a name for himself again. Claire is also trying to make a name for herself but soon finds that all she needs is love. You will route for the characters from beginning to end.

Gina Lee did a great job bringing these two to life and hope to see more of her talented work.

Book Blurb for Play It Loud

Contemporary Sweetheart Rosebud
Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 156
Claire Ashton-Howard strikes out on her own to prove to herself, her Upper East Side family and Downtown Magazine she has what it takes to be a journalist. When she rescues Evan Price from the path of an oncoming subway train, she stumbles on the story of a lifetime. A devastating motorcycle accident stripped Evan of icon status. Now ready to make a comeback, the former pop star must confront the demons in his past and convince Insignia Braff Music he's more than a has-been. Drawn to her passion, Evan allows Claire into his guarded heart.
Revealing his painful secrets will cement her reputation. Little does Claire know that immersing herself in Evan's life will cause her to question herself. As the days pass, Claire's heart and head take sides.
The love of her life? Or the story of her life? She can't have both.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.50