Passionate Protector

Patricia Alvarez a.k.a. Toot is tired of controlling men especially her father. All her life she has been groomed to take over the business. She doesn’t want that for she dreams of a live of adventure. On an act of rebelliousness she goes out on her own never expecting that her life will be put in danger. Yet being away from her father’s thumb has made her see that life is a big adventure. What she didn’t count on was someone blowing up her car that she bought with her own money or meeting up with her old bodyguard Joe. Although Joe says he’s retired from protecting her Toot can’t help but feel safe and cherished in his arms. The problem is that Joe keeps seeing her as the young child he was protecting and not the sultry, sexy woman she has become. Can she prove to Joe that she is all woman and not the little spoiled girl he protected all those years ago?
Joe is hot for Toot, which is a big problem. Though her father let him go from protecting her he can’t let her go. He knows that he is going above and beyond but something about Toot keeps pulling him back to her. She thinks he doesn’t want her but she is so wrong. Escaping to a cabin by the lake was just to protect her but being alone with her is dangerous for him. All he wants is to be with her but can he compete with her social class. He is just a commoner with a normal above average job and she is the daughter of a rich banker. Every time he thinks he might have a chance something about Toot’s life reminds him he can never be with her. Can he protect her from the kidnappers and walk away with his heart still intact?
Ah love and social class sometimes they mix and sometimes they don’t. Toot in this book is hilarious and Joe is just the perfect man for her. Though she was born rich she is not your royal snob all into money. This is something that Joe, her ex-bodyguard is trying to come to grips with. Jan Minter not only created a fun-loving character in Toot but the hilarious things she does is just funny especially the chiggers. You got to read the book to find out about that word. There is kidnapping, comedy and sex between two people who think they don’t deserve it. Great book and can’t wait for its release.

Book Blurb for Passionate Protector

Raised in cloistered luxury, Patricia Alverez, “LittleToot” to her friends, is hiding out to escape her father’s control and to live her own life. An attack by kidnappers brings her old bodyguard back into her life.  When all her careful plans for a new identity crumble, only Joe can save her. He stirs her newly awakened sexual urges. That’s when she begins a deliberate campaign of seduction.
Joe Logan is determined to keep Toot safe, but hadn’t counted on his uncontrollable lust for the grown up, delectable morsel. He tries to think of her as still nine years old, like when he was first hired to protect her. He thinks he can save her from the kidnappers, but who will save her from him? Or Him from her?
This is a thrilling sequel to The Amazon Project.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.50