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One night stands...that is all that Julius Zern can handle in any relationship. Yet somehow he has fallen for a woman he knew years ago. A woman who he once knew as girl turned into a woman he can’t forget at all. He had no idea that his assignment involved Deanne Moore, the woman of his dreams and past. Julius never expected to have strong feelings towards her for she seems to be like other woman. Yet the more he’s with her Julius realizes that it is becoming more of an assignment to catch a drug dealer. He’s always been a careful guy and always known as a workaholic but lately with Deanne work is far from his mind. Can he finish his job and leave without giving his heart to Deanne?

Deanne Moore is starting a new life, one that involves no men in her life. The thing is that somehow love is back in her life. It started as a stray dog and somehow that dog had puppies that wormed into her heart. She never expected to fall for a litter of pups or thought about the past coming back to her. Helping her dog give birth and seeing her past come back to her was like a jolt of electricity hitting her. For years she has never forgotten about Julius and is surprised that he finds her interesting. What started out as one night is turning out to be more. She swore she would never give her heart again but somehow Julius is becoming more than an overnight stand. When she finds out about his real mission and of his sudden appearance can she give him a second chance?

Second chances are something everybody deserves to get in life especially a man like Julius Zern. I loved that even though Deanne swore off men she is smitten instantly with a man like Julius. These two were destined for each other for it is the pain of years ago that still links them yet gives them a chance to get grieve together. E.C. did a great job in showing a man like Julius, a man who is macho and strong, stumble at the first chance of love. Now Deanne is definitely a woman who at times seems like she is strong but deep down she still craves a man and the love he can give her especially passion like Julius. I definitely liked the book and E.C. did a great job with the suspense.

Book Blurb for Overnight

Deanne jumps into relationships heart-first.
Eager to start fresh after her nasty divorce, Deanne Moore adopts a stray dog and begins the healing process. She has learned—the hard way—to take chances and just enjoy life. The one thing she isn't expecting, though, is to get a second chance with her first crush.
Julius won't let lust burn away the last of his brain cells.
After losing his entire family in one blinding instant, Julius Zern has learned to steer clear of happily-ever-after scenarios. Meeting Deanne stirs something tender within him. So he stays. Overnight. And falls...hard.
But just as he begins to follow his instincts—and his desire for Deanne—trouble arrives and threatens to destroy their fragile bond.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.00