Operation: Love

Mission: Devil Dog by Tara Nina
Riley Worthington made the biggest mistake in her life and career. She left the “Right One” years ago with a broken heart. Now she is determined to win Sergeant Jack Stone back even if its mean embarrassing him with a pink paintball shot in front of his comrades. Can she prove to Jack that she is not the same woman she used to be but an equal?
Funny Bone by Anne Elizabeth
Cheryl HIS has always been the comedian. She takes life as a big joke always laughing. Meeting Lt Chuck Swenson is like fate pulling the big joke. He is sweet, charming, and funny but also a Navy Seal. To her they are known as the leave them break your heart Navy Seals. Can she trust her funny heart to Chuck and hope not to get laughed at?
B & B Bivouac by DC DeVane
Pink to everybody is love. Yet for AF Captain David Grantham it is the color he has seen everyday for the next three weeks. He’s always been punctual but fate has something colorful in store for him. Susan Collins is definitely a pink kind of keep forever woman, which scares David. Being a Special Op is everything to him but somehow Pink is getting to him. Or is it Susan?
Angel from Above by Lindsay Downs
Lt Cristal Johnson takes pride in her work as an air copter medivac. She is known to do things impulsively but knows rescuing Lt Paul Stevens is not to be passes up. Meeting him scares her but she knows he is the one for her. She has always loved flying but knowing firsthand the danger he goes to everyday scares her more. Can she accept him as he is or will she sacrifice her pride and give up hers?
So Others Might Live by C.H. Admirand
Bronwyn Griffith will do anything she can to be on New York’s Bestseller list including sacrificing her only life. She doesn’t want to rely on anyone yet with a Coast Guard Rescuer like James Purcell all she wants to do is lean on him. Being rescued by a gorgeous Coast Guard sure has its advantages but can she lose her heart to one?

Operation: Love is a book filled with so many great stories from talented authors. It’s hard to not like them all. Each one has a gorgeous Navy Seal, Coast Guard or Army soldier that will entice any reader. My favorite of course is Riley’s story. I loved that she will do anything to get her man including embarrassing him well with a Pink paintball. Those two were so in love with each other. Each author shined in each story in Operation Love. It’s also great to know that they all wrote a story to support charity. Loved all of them.

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Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.75