One Night Stand

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One Night Stand

Marcee Robbens is a young woman on the prowl. She is tired of going to another wedding dateless. As a woman with a plan she wants to have sex with the first man that catches her eye. The thing is once she notices Sam McKelvey she is wondering if it will be more than a one night. One night of passion makes her realize that maybe her plan of just having a one night stand wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Being in Sam's arms makes her realize that she still wants that fantasy of finding THE ONE and living a happily ever after to come true. One night stand is all it will have to be for her and Sam now. Or is it? Moving to her old childhood place is like her facing all her past mistakes. She knows that the only way to succeed in life is by confronting her fears. Her brother needs her but she never expected to see Sam again. Can she just go on being neighborly to him when all she wants to do is be in his arms again? Will her old town accept her as she is and not always look at her past?

Sam McKelvey is a man who has plans on settling down and finally being able to have a father daughter relationship. Since his wife passed away he has not been able to be there for his daughter Fern. Every time he thought he came close she pulls away. So dancing and one night with Marcee was his one night of adventure and for being a man with no ties. The odds of seeing Marcee again in the same town and same block where he lives blows his mind away. Ever since that night he has never been able to forget about the gorgeous redhead and a body that made him ooh la la. Yet each time he thinks he could have it all, the woman, and the closeness with his daughter something backfires in his life. Her dating Marcee's brother (a young teenager with an earring on his brow) is not something he wanted his daughter with can be the thing that separates Marcee from his life. Can he go on with Marcee out of his life? Will he get his woman of passion back in his life?

This is a first book I read by Cindy Kirk and I have to say wow. You have two people who are both looking for something in life. One is trying to overcome all her past mistakes and fears, the other is trying so hard to be a good father. Yet the one thing they need to overcome everything is the one thing they're afraid to confront: love. Cindy Kirk did a beautiful job in showing us that in this story it is more than just Marcee and Sam it is also their family. I liked how she easily brought in Marcee's brother and Sam's daughter to make the whole story circle around each other. This is an author that will be on my list to read in the future for she has a knack of getting you into the story and so in to it you wonder how quickly you finished. Cindy Kirk's words just flows easily making you see the book come to life. Great job.

Book Blurb for One Night Stand

Weddings can make a girl a little crazy… Which is probably why Marcee Robbens found herself in the arms of a sexy stranger before the bouquet was even tossed at her best friend’s wedding. And after a night of knee-weakening kisses in handsome Sam McKelvey’s arms, even happily single Marcee is humming the wedding march. So when the sun comes up and Sam hits the road, the usually touch-as-nails beauty finds herself nursing a tender heart… Sam’s not the kind of guy who would have a super-hot hook-up with a woman he barely knows. But something had him mesmerized—enough for this usually sensible single dad to abandon his responsibilities for one unforgettable night. But Sam never thought his one night stand would turn up as his new next-door neighbor. Or that once he glimpsed the soft side of this captivating woman, he’d find himself falling in love…

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.75