One Hot Summer Trilogy Megabook

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One Hot Summer Trilogy Megabook

One Hot Summer

Charlie Aldrich Thornton is back in her childhood home. It’s not a place of good memories but of bad ones. Some that people are still talking about after all these years. Nobody wants her back except for one person. He is one person from the family that shares the same bad memories as her, Beau Jessup from Jessup Farms. Everything about him makes her yearn for good memories and for a life that she has always wanted. Beau represents everything she has never experienced before like freedom, adventure and a love she always dreamt of. Can they make a future with one another?

Southern Moon

Mason Aldrich was first introduced in One Hot Summer as the over protective brother of Charlie. We found a little bit about him but this story is all about him and his past. Like Charlie he has a horrific story that involves Rainn Jessup. She is the only woman who got past his stony glance and tough macho attitude. One night with her and everything changes from his life as a loner to having a son he never knew about. Mason knows he has a lot of baggage but a life without Rainn is not something he wants to go through again. Can Mason convince Rainn that they are meant for each other?

Falling For You

Dana Van Diver is connected to the Aldrichs and the Jessups in every way that counts. In the story before hers we see her as a young woman with doubts of herself. She doesn’t believe she is beautiful so she rebels against everything from love to second chances. Just when she thinks love doesn’t exist she falls for the one man who doesn’t want to love again, a man who only wants to love a dead woman. Everybody knows Jake Jessup lost his true love years ago in an accident. Yet he is unable to let go and to learn to love again. As much as Dana wants him she knows she can’t fight a dead woman’s love. Or can she? Jake Jessup knows he can’t continue anymore with loving a dead woman but he doesn’t want to hurt Dana’s feelings. Will it be too late for them to see their love is a chance to fight for?

The One Hot Summer anthology by Eve Ashbury is a kick ass anthology that will leave you breathless with each character. Of all the three though I have to say I liked Mason the most. Here is a brooding man with a dark past and Rainn is the one light in his life. He just needs to redeem himself. Each story proves that love does exist with strong men and that women need courage to continue. Eve Ashbury did a great job with each story and every one will love Charlie, Rain and Dana for their courage and passion for their men. Great job.

Book Blurb for One Hot Summer Trilogy Megabook

THREE COMPLETE NOVELS, ONE MEGABOOK SERIES LOW PRICE! The entire Contemporary Romantic Suspense series from Bestselling author Eve Asbury, including:
ONE HOT SUMMER: Sky-eyed farmer Beau Jessup and rich little princess Charlie Aldrich Thornton are about to reunite. Seven years earlier, Charlie's dad, the sleazy mayor, set up Jake Jessup, Beau's father, who subsequently died in prison. Now Charlie is back, the divorced wife of a California lawyer. Her own life is in shambles, yet her memories of the hired hand that one hot summer remain unfaded. When sparks start to fly under the hot southern sun, their passion is powerful and immense. But danger crouches in the shadows, old enemies and new ones threaten to destroy everything, as Charlie and Beau risk it all to defy the odds against them.
SOUTHERN MOON: Southern Moon features Charlie's half-brother Mason Aldrich, who spilled a shocking secret at the end of book one (One Hot Summer). Once the wild rebel in motorcycle boots and torn jeans, Mason came back to town two years ago and started a youth center. But the sexy bad boy who still knows how to drive the ladies wild holds more secrets. Unveiling these dark secrets would not only reveal Mason's alter ego…but shake the entire town to its very foundation.
FALLING FOR YOU: Dana Van Diver is hip, she is chic and most of all she is carefree. The kind of woman everybody wants as a friend and nobody wants as a girlfriend. But deep in her heart, Dana longs for one man: Jake Jessup. Where she is reviled in town, Jake is lauded for being loyal, hard working, and still deeply in love with his dead fiencée. Yet a brief affair with Dana begins to open his eyes to what he may be letting pass him by. They were friends, they have been lovers and now a dead woman is making them act like strangers. Will Jake's silent and stoic character force Dana's pride to accept it is over, or will two opposites finally see that they had love all along?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 5.00