Nocked Over

Gods of Love, Book One

Cupids, do they exist? We all heard of the mythical little cherubs with arrows shooting at potential loved one. Yet this is the story of Daphne Charissa a cupid who is going to have her life turned upside down in every way. Her job was to match a woman with Bion Chronos. Now here is a man who is all dark, sexy and definitely a body she wants to wake up to every day. The thing is Daphne takes her job seriously and Bion is a man she has not finished processing. You see in order for a match to be made they have to go through procedures like we all do. This is something that Daphne dreads for it means being in close proximity with Bion. Each time she is with him all she wants to do is kiss him all over and more. Can she survive the processing procedure with him?

Bion Chronos has found his woman. The only problem is she has no clue who he is. All he knows is he wants to be matched with her desperately. He knows she is different in many ways…just like him. Bion knows that she cannot find a match for him until he completes all procedures which is great for him. This is the chance he needs to convince Daphne they belong together but the Fates have a way of interfering with his plans. Can he outrun them to get his own personal Cupid?

Ah Bion and Daphne are two people who think they are so different, yet are the same in every way that counts. Two people who knew each other in the past for one brief second have a chance to find their way to one another again in an awesome tale by Sam Cheever. I loved that Daphne tried her hardest at every turn Bion brought up to deny the attraction. You can tell right away the sexual tension and chemistry between them is so off the charts. I was sad to see the story end. This was a wonderful book and one that tops of this series in a fantastic way. I highly recommend it as it has everything that makes a story memorable - romance, lust, sex, passion, and mythical gods. This all makes for a story that is just perfect – I give it a fiver.

Book Blurb for Nocked Over

Daphne Charissa isn’t a chubby little guy with wings and a quiver of arrows. But she does belong to the Cupid race—a race of devastatingly beautiful creatures who excel at helping others find love, while remaining loveless themselves throughout their long lives.

When Daphne falls in love with Bion Chronos, she launches the two of them into a direct confrontation with the Furies as they fight to protect their own love and win release from the curse of lovelessness for the whole Cupid race. The problem is, the Furies have no intention of letting them win, and the lovers can’t seem to keep their hands off each other long enough to form a coherent plan.

It’s gonna be an interesting battle.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 5.00