Nocked Asunder

Gods of Love, Book Two

Athena Googlios is a Cupid professional and knows that when you find that special love that you keep it forever. So it is a huge surprise when she meets Damian Leandar. Now here is a man who is tempting her to be bad in every way besides playing hooky. The thing is that Damian is not all he seems to be. Her job is to find a love matches…not destroy one. Yet she knows Megan is not the woman for Damian only she. Each day with Damian she is learning more about him. Things she thought were forbidden to be told and a myth she thought wasn’t real until now. Each time she tries to stay away from him, Damian does something to tempt her back to him. He has a secret that will kill her but she is determined to fight the battle that is arising. Can she find out what is under his house. The thing that he is guarding?

Damian Leandar has fought to not involve any woman in his life. He has a good reason to and it comes down to what he is guarding. Any woman that comes into his life will be in danger and probably be scared about his real identity. So it comes as a surprise when he meets Athena from Cupid’s Arrows. He’s heard of the matchmaking service and has no idea why she would be in his house. Something about her though excites him in a way that is making him feel alive for the first time in years. Spending nights with Athena is like heaven. But can she accept him? The real him? Knowing what his life is like he just can’t risk falling in love with her. Or can he?

The Gods are like tricksters and so are the Fates especially when it comes to Athena and Damian. These are two people who are from the same ethnicity in a way yet so far from each other. I felt bad for Damian and what his life has been like. So it’s a huge surprise when he feels something for Athena. Something he has never felt before in his life. I loved the interaction and magic between these two. Great job to Ms. Cheever.

Stay tuned – I’ll have another review of a Sam Cheever book very soon.

Book Blurb for Nocked Asunder

In her line of work, Athena Googlios is accustomed to hot, sexy men. But Damian Leandar brings hot to a whole new level. His touch, even his gaze, makes her body clench and warm with lust. Athena’s mind tells her she needs to treat him like any other client. But her body has its own agenda. And when Athena finds herself facing off with a pair of truly ugly mythical creatures, Damian may be the only one who can save her from a fate worse than death.

Unfortunately, Damian has some pretty big secrets. And despite the feelings they can no longer ignore, something bigger than love may yet come between them. In the end, it might take losing everything they have to make them realize how much they have to lose.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 5.00