Nobody But You

A Grayson Friends Novel

Cameron Dunlap is at the top of the world. He is going to be the first African American to win a NASCAR gold cup. Yep everything is going great for him if only he hadn’t seen his Caitlin at the hospital emergency room. He thought is life was complete, but now he is feeling incomplete. Caitlin left him at the altar years ago and though it almost ruined his career Cameron is determined now to have her in his life. Not just her but the son he never knew he had. Caitlin as a woman enchanted him but Caitlin as a mother is making him realize that winning is not all it cracks up to be. Everybody is telling him he should just leave her alone but he knows this is the second chance he has dreamed of since she dumped him. Can he have it all this time?
Caitlin Lawrence has had only one love in her life. The trouble is she had to leave him for a good reason. As a racecar driver she knew there will be danger everyday Cameron gets in his car. Breaking his heart was the worst thing she could have done or at least she thought it was. She knows it was wrong to keep his son but just the thought of losing Cameron almost broke her heart. He’s about to make history and she knows this time he won’t let her just go so easily. Can she be in Cameron’s life again when her fear keeps driving her away from him?
Oh my god Francis Ray so rocks. This book captured my attention from the beginning and never left my interest. I loved that Caitlin is a strong woman but like most women in her position, she is scared of such a dangerous job. Now Cameron, woowhee this guy sure knows how to live life. Here is a guy who was dumped but not afraid to take a chance on love again. No matter how hard they tried to stay away these two were so perfect for each other. Francis Ray sure brought the racing lifestyle to this book and now I can’t wait for more of her books. I highly recommend Nobody But You for not only does Francis Ray rock in this book but also you see a whole different side of racing that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Book Blurb for Nobody But You

NASCAR star Cameron Dunlap is poised to win this year’s Sprint Cup. But being a successful race-car driver comes with a price: His own life. Cameron knows that his profession puts him at high risk. Thankfully, his latest visit to the hospital left him intact. That is, until he bumps into Caitlin Lawrence…and is thrust back into his painful past.

The one-time love of his life who left him at the altar, Caitlin could never accept Cameron’s fast and furious existence. The threat of losing him on the racetrack was just too much for Caitlin—and the young son Cameron never knew he had. Now that this chance meeting has changed their lives forever, will Caitlin and Cameron find a way to recapture what might have been?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 5.00