Night Heat

Genre : Romantic Suspense / Light Bondage

Jill Danvers always fantasized about Gabe Carter. Since she graduated she never forgot that one night she had with him. She really thought that was when he decided she was the one for him. That changed when she found out he was getting married with a rich socialite so she ran away. Finding out that the man she gave herself to was getting married to some one else devastated her. So she ran. Now years later, as a journalist, she is back in the hometown she left to work with Gabe for a Bicentennial piece on the town. She thought the feelings for him were gone but one kiss changes everything. Knowing that he's not married anymore fuels the sexual chemistry between them again. However, someone wants them separated and wont' stop at all until Gabe is theirs. There is something bigger than the Bicentennial that is happening and it's up to Gabe and Jill to find out what it is.

Gabe Carter knew that upon seeing Jill again he was given a second chance. Years ago he let some other people control his life and future. Because of them he lost the only love of his life. Seeing Jill again not only bring back all the feelings he had for her but also the lies that were told years ago. He knows that there is only one person to blame for her heartache and that it is him. Can he make her see that their love was destined?

I'm a sucker for second chances in love and Gabe is one who so deserves it. Normally I'm rooting for the heroine but in this case I rooted for Gabe. I mean once you read all he has gone through, the lies, betrayal and deceit. My god even now after I finished it's still fresh in my mind. Now Jill, though she always had a crush on Gabe it seemed immature back then now that they are fully grown it seems real. Their love is like destined and everybody knew in the town except the one person who kept fighting it. Definitely a great read and one every reader will love.

Book Blurb for Night Heat

Jill Danvers left Bluebonnet Falls ten years ago and never expected to go back. When Gabe Carter, the love of her life, married someone else she took the pieces of her shattered heart and ran as fast and as far as she could. But Gabe is chairing The Falls' bicentennial celebration and the magazine Jill writes for has assigned her to do a piece on it. The minute she walks into Gabe's office she discovers two things — she's as hot for him as she ever was, and Gabe isn't married.

Their feelings for each other explode and they heat up the nights, the sex hotter and more erotic than either thought possible. But there are still a lot of obstacles in their path. The former Mrs. Carter comes home determined to reclaim Gabe for herself and a nasty scandal is brewing over a new development meant to put Bluebonnet Falls on the map. A scandal that could involve everyone.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 5.00