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Music Master

Cotillion - Regency

Maddie always knew in her heart that Leighton Stone was the man for her. The problem is that her father doesn't think so. For some reason unbeknown to her, he hates Leighton. Separated for years he is back and determined to make Maddie his as his wife. She knows he means well but she cannot understand what Leighton's family did that has made her father want to separate them for good. Though Maddie tries to be with Leighton she cannot help but wonder where he really was all those years ago. Maddie knows that Leighton still loves her but wonders if he is telling her the truth about his whereabouts.

Leighton Stone's life is a mystery. The years apart from Maddie have made him realize that she is the one for him. As a man who broke codes in the war he knows that if anybody found out his real identity they would hurt the ones he loved. Maddie is everything to him but as usual her father is keeping them apart. He knows that her father has a secret and somehow it involves his family. The thing is that someone is still contacting him to break a code and he still has to convince Maddie that they are meant for each other. Can he accomplish everything before someone captures Maddie's attention?

There were so many things I thought would have improved this book starting with the author cutting all the obstacles between Maddie and Leighton. I was disappointed that each time they were close to getting together they got separated again. It drove me nuts. Because the characters were always so far apart a true romance was not forethcoming. Also, the man contacting Leighton for the codes seemed suspicious from the start. Unfortunately, Music Master lacked the romance that I was looking for.

Book Blurb for Music Master

Leighton Stone, Earl of Longbridge, is used to danger. His years as a code breaker in Wellington's army have been filled with it, but all he wants at the end of the Peninsular War is to return to his estate and marry his childhood sweetheart, Maddie Westlake.

Maddie is not a typical parson's daughter. She is weary of having to scheme against her parsimonious father to take care of Leighton's tenants, and she is tired of being taken for granted. When Leighton finally tracks her to the city of Bath he realizes he must woo her. Since he never trusted her with his secrets she does not trust him with her future.

Music and memories draw the pair together while secret codes and conniving relatives almost split this engaging couple. Then they are drawn into a bizarre spy plot that only Maddie can solve.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 3.00