Movin up with J.J.

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Movin up with J.J.

Alexandra Coulter has worked hard her whole life. At a young age her family disowned her because of her career. As an adult now she is about to throw caution to the wind and rely on Jacob Edward Chamberlain a.k.a J.J. She knows it is wrong to rely on him but something about him makes her very excited. He’s from the other side of the tracks, meaning he is filthy rich. The thing is that this is the first time Alex has felt something besides work. J.J. is an adult but his childhood didn’t leave him much time to have fun. Now with Alex they’re both experiencing things they never had before. Alex knows that she can never compete with the women he has had before but knows that her love for him is real. Can she ever be the woman he wants in his life?
Jacob Edward Chamberlain, Jr. has found the woman of his dreams but she is not like him. All his life he thought he would never find the one because of how he grew up. His father is a politician and his mother a real true blood. He knows Alex will never be able to compete in his world of wealth but something about her dreams for the impossible. Money and love sometimes don’t mix but J.J. wants more than just a couple of kisses from Alex. Can he prove to her that her status doesn’t mean a thing in his life?
This is the first story of Kim Sheard’s that I have, but it won’t be the last. I loved that she created this tough heroine who didn’t care about love until it hit her in the face. J.J. was totally what the heroine wasn’t expecting but it was great between them. J.J. is truly smitten with Alex and poor Alex is consumed with thoughts of him. It’s funny how many times she denies the love between them. Kim Sheard did a beautiful job and can’t wait for more of her books. Movin up with J.J. is a book that will have readers falling in love all over again.

Book Blurb for Movin up with J.J.

Alexandra Coulter awaits the temporary worker needed for her Movin’ Up crew to pack and relocate the offices of a patent attorney. When a man strolls toward them, she assumes this is the temp and shouts out instructions. She has a business to run and a deadline to meet, and can’t get distracted by the handsome stranger.

Jacob Edward Chamberlain, Jr. needs to retrieve trade secrets left unsecured, and figures joining the moving crew will accomplish this without jeopardizing his practice. What J.J. doesn’t share is the offices are his and his father is running for New Jersey governor.

Will Alex’s wish to experience something more enjoyable in life than work triumph over J.J.’s deception about his identity?

160 Pages Sweet

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 5.00