Motor City Witch

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Motor City Witch

Book 2 of Urban Arcana

Elise Sutton loves her little Dina and will do anything to protect her little girl. The thing is that even as a witch there are certain people she can't protect her from. She never expected though to meet her lover again in this lifetime. Aidan was everything she wanted in a man but he's more powerful than any guy she's met before. Years ago she gave all her love to him and like every other man rejected he her. Now she is trying to act normal after the sad breakup and is determined to make it for her little girl. Yet someone is determined to get little Dina and bring Aidan back into her life. Can she fight off the demons after her and figure out what to do with Aidan?

Aidan is lord of the Fae world and is somewhat of a workaholic in every way. He's only had one distraction in his life and that is Elise Sutton. Years ago he gave his whole heart to her but the Fae world needed him. Aidan never expected though to see her again and her little surprise. Little Dina so much like him and he knows that she is his daughter. The thing that disturbs him the most is the powerful attraction that is still there between himself and Elise. Fighting off demons is one thing but can he protect Elise and Dina?

Cindy Spencer Pape has done it again by adding to this already awesome series. I love that we finally know more about Aidan besides that he is a powerful Fae Lord depicted in the previous book. There is a lot of action that moves the story along, plus you get whole characters from the ex-wolf turned mortal to little Dina and her take charge attitude. I give a shout out for Cindy Spencer Pape. I can't wait for the other book in the series.

Book Blurb for Motor City Witch

When Aidan Greene meets up with his former love, Elise Sutton, he's in for a surprise. Even though the witch insists he isn't the father of her little girl, the Fae lord is sure the child is his. When Elise's daughter is kidnapped, Aidan and Elise are forced to work together to rescue her, rekindling old passions, and maybe even igniting new ones.


Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.50