Montana Sheriff

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Montana Sheriff

Men of the West, American #1369

It has been years since Sheriff Cole James has seen Ronnie McCloud and seeing her again makes him want her more than ever. All the old memories are being brought back between them. What happened years ago still has him questioning her. His mother told him that his love will find him again and he is ready. The thing is that Ronnie doesn’t want to stay in the small town. He is determined to keep her with him but knows that she is hiding something. She is hiding something dear to him, something that might tear him away. Helping her family is what any sheriff would have done, but helping her love him again is making him work harder than ever. Can he keep her this time?

Only one thing will bring Veronica “Ronnie” McCloud back to her home town and that is family. She knows that Cole James is the one that helped her father and brother after a car accident. It makes her see how long she’s been away from him. Years ago she left him knowing that he would always be a hometown guy and she wanted something more than just being a wife. Seeing him again now is bringing back all the memories they used to have and the love that is still there. Staying is not an option for her, but something about Cole’s kisses make her want to dream about staying. Can she win his heart again, even after he finds out about the secret that took her away from him years ago?

Marie Ferrarella is back again with a story about one man trying to win his love back and a woman getting a second chance at love. Sounds like your average romance, but Marie Ferrarella has more than just a simple romance here. Ronnie wants to live in the city and not be tied down to ranch life, while Cole just wants to love his woman. These are two different people wanting two different things, but the love between them is stronger than ever. The one thing I didn’t like in the book was how long it took them to make up their minds about their love. All in all it was a great book and the secondary characters from his mom to her father were funny to read about as their love was also blooming. Great job.

Book Blurb for Montana Sheriff

Bachelor, Lawman…And Daddy?

Montana has always been in Sheriff Cole James's blood. Nothing—and no one—could make him walk away from his home. Not even Ronnie, his best friend and the woman he'd let leave even though he loved her. But now, six years after she took off for big–city life, she's back in Redemption temporarily to help her injured father and brother. That is, unless Cole can convince her to stay in town—and in his heart—permanently.

When Veronica "Ronnie" McCloud discovers that the fearless lawman who rescued her family is Cole, she knows it won't be long before her secret comes out: Cole is her little boy's father. Will the truth tear them apart for good, or will it give them a chance to become a family? 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00