Missed Match

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Missed Match

Missed Match is the sequel to Game Time but can be read as a stand-alone book.

The game is back on again and this time the roles are reversed. The 25th century audience wants to know: Can Syv Ramos marry a 21st century woman and save his friends from death. It was all planned out but like everything that has happened so far in Syv's life it has been messed up. Anna had it easy and Syv must work harder than ever to accomplish his goal. He never expected though that the little school teacher that has enchanted him will complicate things a great deal. Meeting her was a good thing for him but bad for her. She insists she doesn't need a man like Syv but her little boy thinks otherwise. Syv has never known a woman like her and the more he is with her the stronger the attraction is. However, the people behind the game tell him a big surprise that will ruin his chances of finding the same thing Anna found with her Carson. Can Syv win this game without losing a piece of his heart?

Bethany doesn't need a man, or so she thinks. To her the main important thing is her son and getting him healthy. So when she meets the new janitor, Syv she is wondering what else he has inside his janitor's suit. She has never seen a man like him and for the first time in years she is feeling wanton. With Syv she feels like a woman again and not just a mother always watching out for her son. Her son even likes Syv which makes it harder for her to stay away from him. He is unlike any man she has come to know and when her ex comes back into her life for some reason Bethany is more nervous of her new relationship with Syv. He seems to be everything she has wanted in a man, he's smart, clever, gentle, sexy and only wants her for who see is. The thing is she knows Syv is hiding something about himself and she is unsure what it is. Can she learn to trust Syv? Can Syv help Bethany in her life with her son?

Okay if you read my review for Game Time be prepared for Missed Match. The game designers in the 25th century sure plan ahead down to everything in a game but when it comes to the 21st century people they are not prepared that well. I loved Syv and her devotion for Bethany's child unlike his real father who is a scumbag. Bethany and Syv are perfect for each other and you can tell from the first chapter. I loved that Syv is totally opposite of Anna and in this book he actually sounds like a regular 21st century man instead one from the future seeing things for the first time. Mary Ann did a beautiful job in this sequel and definitely a great ending but I wish there were more in this series. It is interesting how this talented author can bring up interesting characters from the 25th century into the 21st century making Syv so real and lifelike. Loved it and great job to the author.

Book Blurb for Missed Match

Missed Match is the sequel to Game Timebut can be read as a stand-alone book.

Syv Ramos arrives from the future to play a reality game show watched by the twenty-fifth-century audience. Unfortunately everything goes wrong with his Game, from the in-head computer he argues with to his declined credit card. None of this deters Syv, who has endless confidence in himself.

The Game designers instruct Syv to court "the teacher in Room 10". To win his Game, Syv must propose and be accepted by that teacher, Bethany. But she's concerned about her sick son and not interested in getting involved with a man, even one as charming as Syv. Neither Syv nor the Game designers realize until too late that Bethany is a substitute teacher. By the time he discovers his mistake, Syv is in love with Bethany but he really must win his Game.

Reader Advisory: This book contains explicit sex scenes.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00