Midnight Kisses

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Midnight Kisses

Daniel Buchanan has been in hiding. For a couple of years he has hidden behind his work from love and pain. He hates holidays for it reminds him of the loved ones he has lost. Meeting Ren‚e Walker is definitely a surprise for him. Here is a woman who brings a breath of fresh air to him. Losing his wife and daughter in an accident has made him realize that each day with someone is something to treasure. Ren‚e is a complex woman who has been hurt from the past with men. Daniel is not only confused about Ren‚e but the feelings she brings out in him are something new. He always thought he loved his wife but being with Ren‚e is showing him what was missing in his marriage. Can he convince Ren‚e that he is over the heartache and the pain from their deaths? Can he convince Ren‚e that for the first time in years he feels real love with her?

Love does not exist especially in Ren‚e's life. All that exists is a life of loneliness and work. Yet she never expected a man like Daniel Buchanan. As a little girl she always believed in wishing on a midnight sky would someday make her find her true love. She thought she had it with her fianc‚ but fate tricked her. Now being with Daniel is making her wonder if maybe after all these years her wishes might be coming true. She knows love is magical but being with Daniel it is something more that scares her. Can she risk her heart again and finally find the love she needs in her life?

Okay this is the first I have read from Wayne Jordan. I was quite surprised by how easily the story was to follow. You have Ren‚e who just wants to be loved and Daniel who doesn't want to be loved. Two people so opposite yet both suffered a huge loss in their lives. Wayne Jordan did a great job in showing us that everybody deserves a second chance and to keep faith. Daniel is definitely one who deserves so much love but feels he doesn't really deserve it in his life. Together these two were great and you can see right away the attraction they have for one another. Magic is definitely in the air and between these two. Great job!

Book Blurb for Midnight Kisses

His faith shattered by loss, Daniel Buchanan has built a cocoon around his heart, spending his days counseling troubled teens. But his life changes the night he meets Renée Walker. The dedicated social worker reawakens something in him, her kisses igniting a firestorm of desire that takes the widowed minister by surprise.

After being left at the altar, Renée isn't ready to love and lose again. But how can she fight such a powerful attraction? Spending time with this caring, sensual man and his close-knit family is starting to make her believe in second chances. Alone together in a tropical sanctuary of passion and healing, will Renée and Daniel find the love they desperately crave?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.00