Melody of Love

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Melody of Love

Kathryn Walker thought once you found love it was meant to be forever. Yet like everything in her life she finds that love is hard to find. She is not like your usual women who finds a guy and well sleeps with him. No she wants the love, romance and the wait for the marriage bed. She knows it is not fair but when one man used her she knew right then and there no matter how gorgeous or romantic a guy was she was going to wait for marriage. This comes hard for her when she meets her favorite singer, Alex Brown. She knows he has led a wild life but when he finds her attractive she is unsure what to do. One kiss on his lips is making her rethink her plan about waiting for sex but she has strict morals.

Alex Brown has never known a woman like Kathryn Walker. He is used to having women throw themselves at him, kisses and like any rock star their panties. With Kathryn though he is shocked that she is not in awe about his rock star status or that he is rich like his ex girlfriend. He wants more than ever to prove to Kathryn that love does exist and not all guys are into just sex. Or is he one of those guys? He knows that she is beautiful and one kiss on her lips is making him do crazy things like maybe giving her the true romance she only reads in books. Can he prove to Kathryn that not all men are pigs and just want sex when his ex is still pursuing him?

This is the first time I have read a book by Sarah M„kel„. I thought it started good, but needed a bit more. I liked that Kathryn had sensible morals and was not sex crazed. Yet there were times when I wish there was more romance in the story. I also thought the ex-girlfriend story with Alex was a bit weird. I feel that there should have been more story between Alex and Kathryn. Overall it was just too short and not enough was included to round the characters, plot and overall story out.

Book Blurb for Melody of Love

Kathryn Walker's life is great, except for one area. Love. Still reeling from the disappointment of past relationships, her world is sent spinning when danger encroaches on her simple life. Alex Brown is a rock star dealing with betrayal, but once he meets Kathryn... His sights are set. Could love be enough to sustain them through the hardship ahead?

Currently un-published

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.25