Match Made by Moonlight

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Match Made by Moonlight

Marianna Sanderton is not your usual maiden in this historical romance. Her wish is to find the man of her dreams to rescue her from an impending marriage. The problem is that she has been dreaming of him but does not know who he really is. In her dreams she knows his touch, voice and seductive caresses. She knows her time is running out but she wants to be more than just a woman to care for a house. All her life has been centered on her family. It is tough for her especially when everybody looks up to her and depends on her to help out. Only one person doesn't ask anything of her but just her kisses and somehow she knows he is real. Will she ever find her man before it is too late? Or will she spend her life wishing upon moonlight for some peace in her heart?

Doctor Brandon Kelsey knows there is magic in love but never experienced love for real. He has seen so many things from friends dying, young kids as soldiers dying for a cause that he is not sure is important anymore. Only one thing in his dreary life cheers him up and that is when he is asleep. In his sleep he sees the woman that is meant for him. Somehow he knows she is for real for in his dreams he kisses him with a passion he has never known. He is close though to finding her real identity but every time he thinks he is close something wakes him up for the dream. Can he find peace in this woman? Or will the war get him before he meets her in real life?

Love and magic are both sometimes hard to believe in and that they even exist. For Marianna this is something that she has a hard time understanding. She has never known real love yet in her dreams a mysterious man shows her real passion.

It was great and had a good story line going but it lacked a few things. The major thing that it lacked was there was too much prolonging of them meeting. The dreams were good between them but their meeting dragged throughout the book. It started good but I would have loved to see more of Marianna and Brad actually finding some way of meeting instead of all the dreams they had.

Book Blurb for Match Made by Moonlight

All alone, Marianna Sanderton runs a household, cares for her sick mother, avoids her matchmaking aunt and manages to play nursemaid to an entire village. In the daylight she is Anna, known by all to be caring, responsible and hard-working. But in the night, she is known only as Maria to the mysterious man who shares her dreams.

Brandon Kelsey is a doctor, a gentleman and a soldier at war far from home. His dreams of a captivating woman named Maria fill him with something he's lacked for years—a sense of hope.

Marianna made a wish to a brilliant moon and now they both share in the strange magic that results. The night of each full moon, they meet in their dreams and delve deeper into each other than anyone else has ever been. For both of them, the journey leaves them longing to find their other half.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.50