Making Over Mr. Right

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Making Over Mr. Right

Zo‰ Degodessa, Muse of Beauty, is in a big bind right now. As one of the daughters of the powerful mythical God, Zeus, she has only one year to prove to her father that her beauty is not only respected but will do a whole goodness to everybody. It's kind of hard when all her artistic designs come to her mind into her talented hands. There has never been a job she was not able to finish even when it comes to quick deadlines. However, this next challenge, Theo Maragos might be the one challenge she is afraid of finishing. The rule was to show her goodness of beauty in something or someone but she must not fall in love. This comes hard for Zo‰ for the first time in decades Theo brings something out in her no mortal or immortal has done before. He came into her life all scruffy looking yet he is the one who is showing her beauty just by looking at things through his eyes. Zo‰ knows it is not right to string him along but the more she is with him she cannot help but wish there was another way to be with Theo. As a Greek goddess she has seen many things but none have showed her true love like this Theo person. Can she just up and leave him without losing her heart?

Theo Maragos is man who loves only one thing: his computer. Sad but true all his life he has never found the right woman. He's on the brink of making his business in the Fortune 500 but to do that he needs help in his home and in himself. Seeing Zo‰'s beautiful work of art in display windows and in people he knows she is the one for him. Something about her makes him want to be a better man not only for her but for himself. The more time they spend with each other he knows he has finally found his woman. Yet something about Zo‰ makes him wonder if she is really telling the truth about her life. Can he make her see they belong together?

Okay readers of Contemporary Romance, Erotica and yes paranormal make way for Judi McCoy. Ms. McCoy has it all in this beautiful, enchanting story. I loved the whole scheme of things but felt sad that Zo‰ had to prove to her father she is good at her work and to leave her man. She finally finds someone who knows her, understands her and above all else loves her for who she is inside. Theo is just the right man for her and even though he made a bad impression in the beginning he sure made it up in all the right ways for Zo‰. It was intriguing to see how Zo‰ was able to accomplish all these things yet enchanting to see that true love conquers everything. The love between them was so easy to see in each chapter making you wonder what else Judi McCoy can put in between them. Ms. McCoy is a very talented author with an imaginative mind and this reader can't help but wonder what will be next for Judi McCoy.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 5.00