Make Me

Trick and Treats

Larissa is a woman who does not succumb easy to any man, least of all a sex on two legs man like Adrian Dane. Larissa is a strong and a smart businesswoman in the promotions department. If you have a business of any kind you need to promote she is your woman. So it comes as no surprise that Adrian comes to her for help. The thing is the help that he needs is her biggest obstacle for he wants it done by Halloween. Talk about working miracles. Although he is rich he is also annoying and to Larissa a pig. Yet a gorgeous pig that makes her wetter than ever with his so green eyes that look into her soul and a body she is dying to caress. Is that enough for her to jump his bones?

Adrian Dane is running out of time. He knows this Halloween he will find his mate. As a vampire he has seen many things and people. Yet he never encountered a feisty, sexy and all business of a woman like Larissa. He knows it's wrong to go after her and to tempt her with his body but he knows she is hot for him. She won't come easily as he soon finds out and to him that makes the chase for her more fun. Can one night of passion and submission to him be enough for them? What will happen once she finds out about his true identity?

This is a series that is making a strong memory in my mind. This one is not only hot but man you have a vampire who will go out during sunlight just to get a chance to find his mate. Then you have a woman who doesn't fall easy to any man making one vampire hot for her. Though they argue it's the sex after it that makes them closer to one another. I loved the whole vampire story and wow again on the sex scenes. I didn't know who was hotter in this story, Adrian, the vampire looking for his mate or Adrian the attentive and sexual lover. Either way both of them were hot for Larissa is one strong woman who will do anything she can to make sure when she finds love it is for real. Awesome job Sierra Dafoe and can't wait for more of your stories.

Book Blurb for Make Me

All her life, Larissa's motto has been "Make me". But none of the men she dates seem to grasp that she means it. Successful and self-confident, Larissa wants a man strong enough to overpower her — and doesn't believe she'll ever find him. That is, until she meets Adrian Dane. But Larissa doesn't sleep with clients. Not even when the client's a gorgeous, green-eyed vampire.

Adrian knows immediately that Larissa's the soul mate he's spent centuries searching for — and he's determined to claim her. She's strong. He's stronger. She's stubborn. He's determined. He can make her succumb to him. He can drive her to erotic heights she's only dreamed of. The only thing he can't do is force her to turn vampire and join him forever.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.75