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Magical Man List

Do you believe in fate? If not you will once you finish reading Magical Man List. For Samantha Stewart finding love was somewhat hard for her. Each time she thought she was close the guy ended up having at item on her bad pet peeve list. There was always something wrong about them and she could never understand if it was just really her that had the problem. With a near death experience hitting her in the head she comes to realize that her life is almost over and she still has not met the right one. With her best friend they come up with a list of the qualities they are looking for in a man. The thing is that even though they make the list the guys are still hard to find.

I loved the whole concept of a list to help you find the right one. Samantha is your normal woman. The only problem is that she is a huge baseball freak and just wants someone who can share her hobbies. The problem is that though she dates she always has the rottenest luck and ends up finding idiot men. I loved that the author was able to create a story of something that happened to herself and apply that to a heroine who needed a good man. There were so many funny things happening in this story from almost getting caught at a popular baseball field to getting annoyed by a gorgeous physician. Great story and definitely will make you believe in fate and love happening in a most unusual ways.

Book Blurb for Magical Man List

Dating the wrong man isn't a casual endeavor for Samantha Stewart—it's practically a career. At thirty-five, Sam is a never-married, baseball-loving, successful engineer whose chances of finding true love, having kids and living semi-happily ever after are looking bleaker with every passing ball season. Aside from her equally single best friend Marta, Sam's only other guides on the path to true love are her two inner voices—Girls-Just-Wanna-Have-Fun Lauper and Miss Goodie Two Shoes—who regularly fill her head with conflicting advice.

After a frightening brush with death, Sam decides not to waste another second in finding her soul mate. She enlists the help of Marta to create a magical man list, a divining rod for finding the perfect man, complete with "magical" ceremonies that involve breaking into a baseball stadium and almost drowning in the ocean. But if there's one thing Sam and Marta discover on their hilarious journey—there's no sacrifice too great when it comes to finding true love.

Publisher Note: Magical Man List was previously self-published by the author.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.00