Mad About Mirabelle

Genre : Contemporary Erotica

Mirabelle Turner just had the greatest orgasm she has ever had in the back of her best friend's limo. To top it off it came at the limo driver's talented hands. Not only was it the best but also it was the greatest memory she was going to take home after the night. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect to see the limo man the next day at her elderly neighbor's house. It was one thing to have sex with a stranger but seeing limo man everyday was making her, well very sexually frustrated. One night of being someone else gets her in deep trouble, yet one more kiss from Flynn Curtis is making her wonder why she thought she could go a day without his touch so easily. Can she continue on being the desirable, spontaneous Mirabelle he knows her to be? Or will she become a prude again.

Flynn Curtis has been with many women but none like Miss Mirabelle Turner. His friend told him about the wild nights the rich lady from the limo had every night. He never thought Mirabelle would be that easy. She proves him wrong each day making him rethink that she would be easy. One thing for sure for him was that life with Mirabelle is never boring. One kiss in the kitchen is all it takes for an explosion at his aunt's house to bring them closer, yet someone keeps trying to kill them. Can Flynn make Miss Mirabelle see that what they have is more than just hot passionate kisses?

Wow once again Amarinda Jones brings two hot characters that will make you constantly reach for a cold glass of water. From the first chapter, the backseat limo wow. Not only was it interesting how the author brought these two together again but also it was fun to see how they try to survive when someone wants them dead. It was hilarious from the mosquitoes biting on their butts; houses exploding to finding a dead body. This book was a lot of fun to read. Mad About Mirabelle is definitely a great book to check out from Amarinda Jones. You will get suspense, hot passionate sex, and a treasure of money worth reading about.

Book Blurb for Mad About Mirabelle

Holy crap! Mirabelle Turner's new next-door neighbor is the last man she expected to see again. It was one thing to have knee-wobbling sex with a dark, sexy stranger in the back of a limo but quite another to find him staying next door with his Aunt Lila. Can she resist the temptations of the boy next door?

Flynn Curtis is more than happy to tempt the delectable Mirabelle. He is mad about her. When his Aunt Lila's house mysteriously burns down he gladly accepts Mirabelle's offer for him and his aunt to move in with her. It is the start of all sorts of moves Flynn intends to make on his new neighbor.

Mirabelle is trapped by courtesy, lust and the sudden realization that she is falling in love with Flynn. But does the person who burned down Lila's house have other plans for Mirabelle? And is Aunt Lila really the sweet little old lady she seems? Can Flynn save the woman he is mad about?


Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 5.00