Lovin' Montana [Bitter Falls]

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Lovin' Montana [Bitter Falls]

Rand Monahan is a man with money. People would say he was born with a calculator and money. So coming to Bitter Falls is a much-needed vacation that he didn’t want to take. Doctor’s orders though make him wonder what his life has been like so far. Bitter Falls is a quiet place and definitely not somewhere he wants to settle at for a while. Yet meeting Luanne Holt is making him rethink his stay. The small town is not the place him and he knows the city is more in tune with his life. He’s always been a city guy and Luanne is definitely a country girl. He knows he’s supposed to be relaxing but all he can think about is his job. Just when he’s ready to leave Luanne comes to him for help. He knows he can never be the man she needs but he wishes for a miracle.

Luanne Holt has been in a fog for the past year. She was once in love but her fiancé cared more for his job than her. Since then she’s decided to not fall for a workaholic. Luanne was doing great with that motto but everything changes when Rand comes to Bitter Falls. Her grandmother has been setting her up for the past months and she just doesn’t want anyone. Rand is everything she is running away from. She saw what money and work does to a man bringing them nothing but bad health. Her goal is to see her fiancé’s work get the patent from the people who took it away from him a year ago. Unlike Rand she will do anything she can even work with him to see it successful. Can she keep her heart guarded from Rand?

Rand and Luanne are two people so opposite from each other. One is a workaholic the other doesn’t want anything that deals with long hours or money. Luanne knows it takes money to be successful but she also enjoys life. This is something that Rand doesn’t have. He doesn’t know how to relax. Together these two learn new things about life and each other.

Lynnette did a nice job on the book but felt like it lacked romance between these two. There were some parts that just seemed slow to me like it lost its appeal. Slowly it did pick up but seemed like a while for these two characters to get the story going. Overall a great storyline.

Book Blurb for Lovin' Montana [Bitter Falls]

Contemporary Champagne Rose
Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 252
Rand Monahan arrives in Montana with a bad attitude. After a heart attack and three months of cardiac rehab, the Wall Street millionaire is on a “relax or die” vacation. The remote town of Bitter Falls holds no charm for him--until he meets the owner of a shop called Memories Mine and discovers how powerful Montana moonlight can be. Luanne Holt knows she needs to look forward, but she’s mired in the past. After her fiancé died--on their wedding day--she took up the legal battle to get his valuable solar cell patent back from the Wall Street scoundrels who took it. She won’t let herself love again until the solar cell factory is open in Bitter Falls. But Rand Monahan and the tidal pull of the autumn moon are tugging her heart toward the future.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 3.50