Love Storm

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Love Storm

Raoul Metier will do anything to bring happiness into his little girl’s life. His wife has been in a coma and as a businessman he has no time to play constant father to her. So the only solution was to find a live in nanny. All he needed was a person to care for his little girl, be a hostess to his business and not distract him from his work. Kris Kastell is definitely a big distraction. For years he has been with Isabella, a somewhat girlfriend for him and his work. He never expected her to become jealous over Kris. Everything about Kris scares him deep in his heart. Since meeting her he has been different. Instead of working all he wants is to be with her. Even his best friend Luke is teasing him about his sudden jealousy over him. Can Kris change him from an overbearing workaholic to the man he used to be?
Kris Kastell knows how to behave when there are business people around especially since she used to be famous. She catered to the rich when she was married to a race car driver but also lost the feeling of love. For years she thought she was frigid, not loveable or wanted. With Raoul though he is wreaking havoc with her womanly desires. One minute he wants her then the next she is cast off. Kris knows if she continues working with him she will get her heart broken again. Yet each time she tries to go away it his little girl that pulls her back into his chaotic world. All she wants is to be loved but can she continue with Raouls on/off switch of love towards her?
Ah I love it when you have a heroine who just wants to be loved and a hero who is afraid to love. Raoul is torn between wanting to be happy yet afraid of what it will do to him again. Now Kris she is an unusual character in this book. Each time she wants to go she finds an excuse to stay which is good. Yet there is so much what ifs in the book she sometimes sways from what she really wants with Raoul.
Beryl Trebble did a nice job in the book bringing in an evil villain like Isabella. Great book and yes definite aptly titled.

Book Blurb for Love Storm

For four years Raoul Metier's wife has been in a coma in Switzerland and their daughter has been in the care of an elderly family retainer. Metier knows his daughter needs someone young to care for her and bring some life back to their home, but his fiery Portuguese girlfriend, Isabella, is definitely not the woman for the job.

Kris Kastell, the beautiful widow of a manipulative racing driver is persuaded by her friend to apply for the position. Metier's charismatic nephew convinces her to take the job despite her deep misgivings about her future employer's sarcastic attitude.

Kris soon bonds closely with her young charge. But can their friendship make up for her abrasive relationship with her employer and the animosity of the brittle, spoilt Isabella?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.00