Love Be Damned

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Love Be Damned

How far would you go to find a wife? That is something that we all question and is on Lord Nicholas Templeton mind. Here is a man who has everything except a woman in his life. He made a wager that he can marry anyone right away not as a marriage of convenience one in all that is in a marriage bed within a week. Though he made the wager with his friends he never expected to find Margaret Tregwyth right nearby. Though she said yes to the marriage as a hired wife Lord Nicholas is wondering exactly what possessed him to take this desirable woman as a wife. She is far from societies bred of women and one opinionated, desirable and passionate when he gets the chance to kiss her. One minute she is talking to him and the next she is turning his household upside down. Though he is a man with a reputation he is not one to be silly in love. Yet something about Margaret is making him feel heedlessly in love for the first time in his life. Can a marriage of convenience turn into a grand passion that he has read about and within a week?

Margaret Tregwyth is a woman who has had it with her life. She loves her brother dearly but hates that he gambles and knowing that your own brother gambled you away to an old man breaks her heart deeply. Running away was supposed to lead her to freedom and hopefully find the gorgeous dark and handsome men she has read about in books. She wants a man to sweep her off her feet. Meeting Nicholas was the icing on the cake. He is everything she has fantasized and in his arms she feels protected and cherished. This is something she has never felt before. Going into a marriage with him on the first day of freedom does scare her yet something in her heart says it's okay. Or is it? Can she just forget about her brother and lead a life of her own? Or did Nicholas make a mistake in marrying her?

This is my first book I've read by Rodine Dobeck and it definitely won't be the last. She writes historical romances yet it doesn't feel like a historical romance. The hero, Lord Nicholas is a man who goes all against what is conventional and old-fashion. Here is a man who turns his back on what society looks at for example: debutantes, balls and politics. He'd rather dig in the dirt with his flowers then go through the mindless balls. Then you have Margaret who never really had a season of her own to be gambled away because of her foolish brother. Two people so needed for each other's its no wonder why they have the chemistry between them that makes everything so easy. I loved that a woman who never had an easy life turned this gentleman who has led an organized and controlled life all upside down. Great book and though it was fast paced it did keep my attention straight to the end. I loved it and can't wait for more from this author.

Book Blurb for Love Be Damned

Margaret Tregwyth is determined to run away from home so her bankrupt brother cannot force her to marry an odious, middle-aged suitor. Miles away, Nicholas Lord Templeton wagers that he would be better off and happier if he hired a wife rather than woo a society maid. These two meet at the bustling Hiring Fair in 1790s Truro, Cornwall, and hurl themselves into marriage with one another. Nicholas does not tell Margaret he is marrying to win a wager, and Margaret does not reveal that she is running away from an arranged marriage.

They find happiness together, although Margaret is weighed down by her lie of omission and Nicholas senses there is more to her than he knows. Neither of them knows whether their fragile new marriage will survive the upheaval.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 5.00