Lone Star Lycan

Quinn Harlow has gone through so much in her life but none of it has prepared her for what she is about to find out in Texas. She never thought she had a father or a big thriving ranch. When she heads for Texas she expects to not be liked and the feelings of being unloved to be there. Yet everything changes when Joe McKinnon meets her at the cemetery. Seeing him for the first time she feels somewhat cherished and sexually wanton. Never has she felt like this but with Joe it comes easily. Unsure of what is happening she knows that being with Joe is the best thing that has happened to her since finding out about her father. The more he’s with her though someone in the Wolf Creek pack wants her out of the picture.
Joe McKinnon is all the way alpha of the Wolf Creek pack and everybody on the ranch knows it. No one gets on his bad side but there are a few who will push him to the limits. Quinn is definitely his mate but she cannot come to grips about their future together. Knowing that she is grieving for her father he gives her space even though he knows she is his mate. As the Alpha of the pack he needs his mate and there is no other woman he wants more than Quinn. Yet someone wants Quinn dead and won’t stop until she’s gone. Nobody messes with those he loves and he will do everything he can to prove to the pack that Quinn will be his forever.
Oh my god Regina Carlisle not only created a great story but so much heat it leaps off the pages. I loved the whole paranormal shapeshifter aspects of this book and so didn’t want it to end. Quinn is one lost woman who only wants one thing and that is love. I loved that Joe is all man she needs but she is afraid of falling in love for the first time. Lone Star Lycan is a smoking hot read from the talented Regina Carlysle. This was a definitely a keeper for this reader.

Book Blurb for Lone Star Lycan

She came to dusty west Texas to bury the dead. But one look from Joe’s smoldering eyes made Quinn Harlow grow wet and needy. The cowboy was too big, too sexy, too everything, and more man than she’d ever had before. Though she was just a visitor, her heart begged her to stay and find her destiny with him on these desolate plains.
Joe McKinnon, alpha of the Wolf Creek pack, takes one look at his destined mate and knows he’ll have his hands full dealing with the sassy female. A single glance has his cock going hard. One touch has him willing to move mountains to claim her. He knows it won’t be easy to tame the woman who holds his future in her hands.
Reader Advisory: Includes a scintillating M/F/M ménage scene. Enjoy!

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 5.00