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Whatever Douglas Kincaid wants he gets. Money is no object for him and places are just another thing to gain. He doesn’t care what it is and now he’s set his eyes on Elgiva MacRoth. Here is a woman who for the first time tells him no. No is not in his vocabulary and he’s determined to get answers from her. The thing is that even though she has said no so many times to him he still wants her. As billionaires go this is one guy that won’t get under Elgiva’s skin. He’s known many people that will get him to talk but kidnapping him has never happened before. Can he convince this little woman that he can give her anything she wants if she lets him go?

The Kincaids are their enemies and no MacRoth has ever fallen for one. Well that was until Elgiva kidnapped him and now has befriended him. She knows she is sacrificing her own self for her clan but with Douglas she feels free. Kidnapping him was Plan A and she never thought she needed a Plan B until he kissed her. Now she is wondering if maybe Douglas is not a villain but an actual nice guy. Her clan says she must stop him from escaping, but how long can she risk her heart. Can she finally put the war of the Kincaid’s and MacRoth’s to and end? Is peace around the corner?

One word for Deborah Smith is superb. I love it when there is kidnapping, betrayal, passion and oh yes secrets. Deborah Smith shined in this book for it had it all. She wrote herself into a Top Pick. The Kincaid’s and the MacRoth’s have always been at war and one woman can change everything. Douglas is definitely a man who won’t take no for an answer. This man is strong, arrogant yet sexy in a brooding dark way. This is definitely a book worth reading. Loved it!

Book Blurb for Legends

New York Times bestselling author Deborah Smith evokes the stunning beauty of Scotland in this spin on the clan wars-as a sexy CEO finds himself abducted by a brazen beauty determined to save her village.

Elgiva MacRoth descends from a long line of bold Scots willing to fight for their heritage. When her picturesque town comes under siege by a corporate raider, she devises a daring plan to stop billionaire Douglas Kincaid. But kidnapping a man off the rooftop of his penthouse and holding him hostage proves far less complicated than saving herself from his intoxicating sensual assault.

The stunning beauty with her golden eyes and fighting spirit make captivity feel like a fantasy. The desire heating up is enough to make them both forget the battle, and surrender to something far more pleasurable. But Douglas has his own dreams for this lovely spot of Scottish land. And he has a proposal that he hopes will convince Elgiva to give up her hard line and give in to him in every way that matters. With a warrior's will, he's fighting for his legacy, his heart, and the woman of his dreams.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 5.00