Legal Briefs

Book 1 in the Sexplorations series.

Fenella Whitfield is a free woman. After two years of battling who gets what she is now divorced. Not sure what to do she is unsure of herself as a woman. She married young and unfortunately divorced at a time when women her age are at their sexual peak. All of a sudden she is ready to settle into her new condo and then fantasizing about her lawyer. Fenella is a free woman and Michael Shannon is definitely one hot piece of sex on a stick. It is wrong to think about him but the way he caresses her, kisses her and oh brings so many great O’s she is afraid. Afraid that what she feels for him is just a hormonal phase or it is something more.
Michael Shannon has known for two years that Fenella Whitfield is the woman for him. The problem is that he is her lawyer. Now that she is divorced and has signed all required signatures he is ready to explore Fenella. Michael has waited patiently and is ready now to bring out the sexual woman that is hidden in her. He knows that she is ready for him. A two-year itch for him is not something he wants and only one person can complete him in all ways...Fenella. Can he convince her that his feelings are for real? Can he break through her shyness to bring out her sexual wanton self?
Okay I knew Sahara Kelly had a devious, imaginative mind but once again she surprised me. She always surprises me with every book release she has out. At first I was like okay middle age woman going through a divorce. Typical, then Sahara brings in this gorgeous, smart, sexy and oh my god virile lawyer and I’m like no way. Yes it might sound the same ole stuff but Sahara Kelly has a way of writing two people ready for each other and tons of sex that will make you wonder what happened in your life. Sahara sure knows how to get your attention going and I applaud her once again for her great imagination. Let’s just say a Sahara Kelly book will never be boring. They are always packed with tons of heat and passion. You will be thinking “oh my goodness gracious where is the ice”. Loved it Sahara.

Book Blurb for Legal Briefs

Book 1 in the Sexplorations series.
After two long years, I’m finally free! Divorces can be challenging unless there’s a good lawyer at your side—and I had the best. Michael Shannon’s been there every step of the way. Exactly when he appeared in my erotic dreams as well, I don’t know, but he’s starring in them now, definitely minus his legal briefs.
Does he think about me that way? I hope so. There’s something in his eyes… My best friend Dee says I should go for it, and him. So maybe I will. If I’m going to rediscover my sensuality and have myself a “Sexploration”, Michael’s the only guy I can imagine in my bed. And if he’s anything like my dreams, I just might keep him there.







Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 5.00