Leaves in the Wind

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Leaves in the Wind

Categories: Fiction,Women's Fiction - Novel

Tara Singer is not your average heroine. She has a gift, empathy and telepathy which in her case wears her out. She knows God gave her these unique gifts for a reason and she understands now when she meets Dan Turner and his little girl. Meeting Dan she feels the heartache in him when he lost his wife to cancer. The pain in seeing his little girl in a coma worried whether she would wake up or not. Tara has helped people overcome anything even find the person they lost. Yet this is the first time she is unsure about her gift towards Dan. She wants to tell him that everything would be okay but in her heart she still see's the heartache in him. The only thing that helps is Dan getting his faith back. She knows losing a loved one is hard but she always had the Lord with her and that is something he needs the most. Or does he?

Dan Turner has seen many things. He saw his wife buried but what almost killed him was his little girl almost dying after the train crashed. Going through another death is not something he is looking forward to. He blames God for the pain and knows in his mind it's not right. All his life he led a good life never drinking or cheating on his wife. He blames himself in a way for his daughters accident yet is surprised that Tara says it's not his fault. Somehow he knows Tara can save his little girl and goes for her help. What he didn't expect besides her agreeing to help was the attraction towards her. Though he vowed his wife would always be in his heart, Tara makes him feel alive again. Can Tara's gift bring him back to his faith and reunite him with his daughter?

Once again The Lotus Circle delivers with a heart breaking, second chance love and a story that stays in your mind. When I started reading this I was surprised at the gift Tara had in her. To have two gifts like empathy and telepathy in one woman as Tara was quite a treat to read about. I read how she went through, the heartache and pain she feels for each patient she sees as a social worker. What amazed me was that even though she helped other people she still found time to help a man who didn't want help for himself but for another person. Together these two find the one thing that God was all of us to have and that is love. Faith, love and second chances are a real treat to come by and Tara and Dan are two wonderful characters that are great to read in this enchanting story.

Book Blurb for Leaves in the Wind

Social worker Tara Singer uses her special gifts of empathy and telepathy to understand what her patients go through. Though Tara takes a personal interest in every client, she is attracted to the widower who comes to her on the edge of hope, afraid of losing his five-year-old daughter lying in the hospital in a coma.

Dan Turner cannot believe God wants him to suffer the loss of his only child shortly after his wife has died of cancer. When the social worker tells him she will telepathically connect with his daughter to convince her to come out of the coma, he agrees.

Tara's training warns her not to become involved with a patient, but when Dan kisses her, it feels right. Though he's the man of her dreams, she believes he's not ready for another relationship.

Will she take her own advice or lose the man she loves?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.00