Leather and Lace

Private Investigator Cleo Tanek takes her job seriously and will not do anything to jeopardize her job. All her training and work as an ex-police officer didn't prepare her for Luke Lace. She has never had that type person confront her before in her other jobs. One look at Luke and Cleo knew she was is a goner. For the first time she doesn't feel like a P.I. but a desirable woman in his eyes. Cleo knows it is wrong to mix business with pleasure but this man is bringing a sexual awareness in her she thought was dormant. He's a billionaire and she is from the wrong side of the tracks and not someone he would socialize with. Yet once she has felt his touch and smoldering kisses Cleo knows that he has ruined her for any other man. She is not sure who hired her to spy on Luke, but wonders what exactly is going on with this whole job. Can she finish the job and find out who wants her man dead?

Luke Lace is tired of being the perfect son, brother and businessman. He just wants to be himself, which is hard to do in his life. As a rich man and he has no problem getting whatever he wants. That was until he meets Cleo. He has never been so sexually attracted to a woman before like he is with Cleo. This makes him wonder what she has done to him. He knows it's more than sex between them but he can't figure out how Cleo knows so much about him and he so little of her. Someone wants him dead and he is not sure who it is. All he knows is that he must protect Cleo or does he?

Leather and Lace has just the right combination to make erotica sound kinky yet sensual in a way. Taylor Tryst definitely has worked her magic in this tale where a feisty, action packing woman meets a guy who it the opposite of the heroine. Here is a guy who is all business, rich beyond Cleo's dreams and has the one thing she loves in a guy, great cars. These two are wow when they come together so grab the ice buckets because you will need it. Ms. Tryst brings characters that are not only passionate towards each other but they bring out special characteristics between each other. For instance Cleo is not all tough like she wants people to see and Luke is not the perfect person everybody sees. Though they think they are different these two are so right for each other. Can't wait for more from this author for even though this is her first book it is a hit for this reviewer.

Book Blurb for Leather and Lace

Ex-cop turned private investigator Cleo Tanek receives a mysterious request to follow and document billionaire Lukas Nathanial Lace's every move. What she soon discovers, however, is that Lace has been marked for death and that the information she provided will assist in carrying out his murder.

Unable to control the desperate heat that ignites between them, they succumb to a night of hot, passionate sex. Cleo then learns that her mysterious client is a senator whom she believes ordered the hit. She must tell Luke the truth, keep him alive and somehow blow the senator out of the water.

With a fetish for leather and handcuffs, and the need to be in control, Cleo is fascinated by her irrepressible urge to submit to Lace's every whim, and the dominant role he assumes over her body, mind and soul. Cleo discovers that leather and lace is a deadly combination.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 5.00