Roped, Hitched and Lassoed

A Three Book Box Set

Review of Lassoed. Review by Melinda.

She is tired of being someone's slave, tired of getting punches and being humiliated by the one she thought loved her. Most of all she is tired of taking commands. It has been a year since her husband Gareth went to jail but the physical and emotional abuse are still in Diana's life. She thought she could do it, being the one to do the orders and commands. But just like everything in her life it backfires. Well it does when she meets her old flame, Matt. He is the one who never left her thoughts or her heart. Diana is strong but she is still skittish about opening her heart again to any man, especially to Matt. She knows if she does she will be hurt again. The BDSM world has always been with her protecting her from people seeing the real Diana McTavish. Her brothers, Brad and Jared all found someone to love. Yet Diana is having a hard time of believing that someone out there is meant for her. Can Matt change her mind?

Matt has never forgotten about his one true love, Diana McTavish. Like her the BDSM world has been with him fulfilling him of his secret desire to succumb to someone to the point where only they exist. He only felt that one time with one woman: Diana. She has always been in his heart. He knows the pain and heartache she went through with her ex. He knows that he is man enough to make Diana see that he is nothing like her ex. Matt wants her for herself and if playing slave to her is what it takes he will do it. When it comes to love he will do anything for her including giving her love outside the BDSM world. Can he make Diana see they were always meant to be together? Can he get her past her fears and doubts about love?

It is always sad to see a series end and I so loved this one, Heart of the West. Ann Jacobs ended the series with a beautiful story this one circling on the woman who gave hope to her brothers in finding their loved ones. I felt bad for Diana and all the pain and heartache she went through. Yet I rooted for her when Matt came in the picture. You can tell just from the chapter how far she has grown and how much she needs Matt. Now Matt here is a man who is macho yet when it comes to the woman of his heart gets all mushy. It is sweet and endearing to see that in the BDSM world the men are not all into dominance for there are some willing to give their heart. One word for Ann about this series is WOW. Though the series has ended and I really hope there is more the ROPED AND LASSOED dungeon made a big impression on me. The whole series had so many great characters.

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Book Blurb for Roped, Hitched and Lassoed

Three siblings, all deeply entrenched in the BDSM lifestyle...

Jared, wounded warrior who completes his healing as he heals his widowed slave

Brad, roughshod rodeo cowboy who finally finds he wants more than just a partner in club play

Diana, who raised her younger brothers and survived a sadistic master’s cruelty, who finds her happily ever after with her vanilla first love.

Three couples, three interwoven stories of Dominance and submission—but mostly of forever love against a backdrop of the majestic hills of southwestern Wyoming.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00