Laila's Bargain

It has been two years since he touched her. Two years since he made her come with his kisses and touch. Two years since he let the love of his life walk out. Ever since then Matthew Hardin has lived a life of hell. He dreams of her and wishes for the what if's. So it comes as a surprise when he opens the door at his house to see Laila again, the woman of his dreams asking for his help to find her brother. This is something he has dreamed of happening to see his Laila again. Can he just start all over to help her and forget about the passion they shared?

Laila Prescott is a woman of many things from caring, loving, rich but no one told her she was scared of something. Two years ago she walked out on the man of her dreams because he couldn't commit to her. Now she is back and scared of losing her heart again to him. Laila knows that Matt is the one for her with just one kiss. Her brother has disappeared and Matt is the best private investigator she knows. The thing is that once the job is over can she go back to her world and forget about Matt again? Can Matt show her that he has changed?

Treasure, love and passion are all in this book and though it is only 94 pages it is packed with adventure and hot sex. Man from the first chapter there is hot tension between them and boy do they make the pages steam up. Though Matt was a coward years ago it is easy to love him again. I felt bad for Laila for she had no chance when it came to Matt. These two were great for each other and Reese Gabriel did a beautiful job by adding the plot of treasure in this book. Great job.

Book Blurb for Laila's Bargain

Laila Prescott couldn't get away from Paradise Island fast enough after breaking up with sexy PI Matthew Hardin two years ago. Now her brother is missing and Laila is back on Matthew's doorstep, desperately seeking his help.

Matthew never did get over the feisty redhead, so he agrees to take the case, but on his own terms. Laila will pay cash, meet all expenses…and give him unfettered access to her voluptuous body.

Is Matthew up to his old tricks or is he a changed man looking to tie himself to Laila for good? Laila's body tells her to surrender to Matthew's hard loving but experience tells her that she must resist with all her might.


Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.75