Laid Bare

Tate Ryder has had plenty of women in his life but none have sparked his interest like his co-worker Anna Stevens. Every day she comes in polite, businesslike never showing any sexiness. Yet one night at a party he sees something in her that he hasn’t seen in her before. She is beautiful, sexy and has gotten under his skin. Tate knows a relationship with her is out of the question but something about her just grabs his attention. He knows she is hiding something but has no idea it could cost her life. The more closely he gets to her the more confused he is about her identity. He knows that her time is running out but he wants her for good. Can he help Anna before it’s too late?

Anna Stevens has not had an easy life. Just when she thinks she finally has a life her past comes back at her. She thought maybe she had a chance with Tate but life has a way of ruining things. For years Anna has been on the run and now that her problems near she has no choice but to make a decision. Her whole life has been centered on making a new beginning but she never realized about love coming her way. Her mother always told her to look out both ways in life but never realized how true it would become for her life. Can she give up on ever finding true love with Tate? Will Tate hate her once her real identity is revealed?

Tate and Anna are two people determined to find love no matter at what the cost. I loved that Anna is a person lost in the world but determined to make a life. The action in the book was great for you never know who are the ones after Anna. Now Tate I liked somewhat for here is a guy who knows what he wants yet is confused about love. He’s had many women but Anna just blows him away. This is the first I have read from Cerise and she definitely knows suspense and action. Laid Bare was definitely an awesome book and fast-paced till the end. It had it all passion, suspense, and betrayal but most of all two people determined to find love even if it mean tearing them apart. Loved it.

Book Blurb for Laid Bare

Tate Ryder has spent his life savoring plenty of women—until luscious Anna Stevens comes along, who doesn’t seem to know he’s alive. Then, inexplicably, Anna is attacked outside his condo. Tate keeps her safe by whisking her to his yacht, where he vows to enchant her sleek body with pleasures she’d only imagined.

Anna answers his intimate kisses with scorching caresses and wild revelations. She’s been on the run from thugs for years. She’s not who she claims. But one thing is real—her deep craving for Tate.
Enthralled, Tate lays bare her body…and is equally determined to lay bare her nameless enemy.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.50