Lady's Wager

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Lady's Wager

Edward Woodcliff is looking for a bride. Not just any maiden out of the schoolroom but one who wants him for himself. He is tired of going to another social ball and finding himself trapped with debutantes who want him for his money. So it comes as a refreshing insight that Charlotte Stuart doesn't fall all over him. As a man who has never been rejected knowing that Charlotte doesn't want anything of him quite befuddles him. Now on the prowl, to find out what is her problem, he is determined to win her heart no matter what it takes. As a gambling man who had to wager everything to get to where he is in life he is about to wager the biggest thing in his life: his heart. He knows that when it concerns Charlotte he will do anything he can to make her see they belong together. Though she is opinionated he likes that about her even though others say she shouldn't be. Can he make her see they do belong together before she finds out about the wager?

Lady Charlotte Stuart doesn't care about society or how a lady should act. She doesn't believe that a lady should hide her opinion, which is quite disappointing to her, that there are ladies out now who hide their opinions. Charlotte is a woman who enjoys the new modern things happening in this century from medical to art. She wants more than ever to see her fellow debutantes be more than just pretty things for their husbands. Seeing Edward Woodcliff always near her, making her feel like a young girl with her first crush is not something she wants other to see her as. She is strong and determined to show others that she can do whatever she sets her mind including wagering her heart to a man who won't leave her thoughts. She knows it is wrong for a woman of her age to go against a man but she knows she is right. Seeing Edward lose is something she wants everyone to see. The thing is when it's time to lose or win she is unsure what to do. Can she give up her freedom to be with a man who wants her opinions hidden? More importantly can she make people see the new marvels of the world happening especially in the medical field?

This is the first I have read from Georgie Lee and loved that she brought some of the things we have now into this enchanting historical romance. One thing I enjoyed was that she obviously did good research in this book by showing the use of anesthesia. I was in awe how she wrote that into this book and applaud her for her creativity. I loved that every time Edward and Charlotte were near they were arguing, wagering or getting closer to each other than they cared to admit. The reader will love that this is not your usual historical romance. Far from it for you don't have your usual maiden eager to catch a husband. No instead you have a woman who throws caution to the wind and can be her own opinionated self. Great job.

Book Blurb for Lady's Wager

Charlotte Stuart is a headstrong heiress dedicated to charitable causes, who publicly disdains marriage while secretly pining for love.

Edward Woodcliff is a stubborn Viscount who feigns poverty in an effort to find a woman who loves him and not his inheritance.

Sparks fly when these two intractable people meet. They cannot seem to let down their guards long enough to admit their love for one another. All seems hopeless until Edward challenges Charlotte to a wager. If he wins, he wins her hand in marriage. If he loses, then Charlotte is free of him. Now Charlotte must put aside her doubts about his intentions long enough to let Edward into her life and admit that he is the man of her dreams.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00