Lady Luck

Royal Flush, Four Aces, Bluffing that is the world of poker and everything Maggie French has worked for. This is her chance to win all the money she can and make her dreams come true. The problem is she never expected to meet a fellow poker player like Deuce Whiley. It has been ages since a man has excited her, which is why poker has been a constant thing for her. It is the cards that make her sexy, wanton and loved in a way that a man has not gotten her to be in a long time. Daytimes are poker time and nights are all for Deuce…plus every card he has up his sleeve or lower part of his anatomy. Can she win both games in her life - the game of love and the game of poker? Will all her dreams come true? Or will she fold?

Deuce at first sounds like a player but just like Maggie he is also searching for the impossible.

What happens when you have your favorite sexy author comedian S.L. Carpenter and a passionate seductress like Sahara Kelly come together? Well hello you have a funny, hilarious and sexy book like Lady Luck that makes you wonder why you have not started a poker trend. I loved that these two can create anything whether short or long and make it a thrilling story to read about in every way. Once again Sahara and S.L. have proven that two great minds can compliment each other and produce a sexy story with just the right amount of wicked humor. A must read!

Book Blurb for Lady Luck

Book Length: Novella
Deuce Whiley and Maggie French each have a passion for poker and losing isn’t an option. So when something hot and sexy explodes between them, they go all in…staking more than chips on nights of wildly sensual pleasure at the Last Resort poker championship.
When it comes to cards, they’re equally matched. When it comes to erotic adventures…well, they’re about even on that too. Of course, there’s a tournament to be played. And neither Deuce nor Maggie can anticipate the ultimate intervention of Lady Luck.
Publisher’s Note: This work has been extensively expanded from the original short story published elsewhere.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.50