In the Highlander's Bed

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In the Highlander's Bed

Gordon Lachlan is a man of honor, pride and protects his clan no matter what the problem is. He doesn't care that there is a bounty on his head just that if he gets the Sword of McKenna his clan can now move up in the rebellion they have been planning. What he didn't count on was the feisty, American Constance Cameron. The plan was supposed to be easy. Kidnap her for an exchange of the sword and there was no part of his heart getting in the way. One kiss was all it takes for Gordon to keep reminding himself that she is the enemy not the woman of his dreams. Gordon used to be a pillar of the ton but everything changed when his father got murdered, his sister raped and most of all when the English broke apart his clan. Now that he finally has a chance to make things right he is unsure of whether to fight or for once to go after what his heart wants.Constance. Can he do it? Can he just forget about the sword and take the future that Constance wants to share with him?

Constance Cameron is tired of London and Scotland. She misses America especially her place, Ohio Valley. So much longing is in her heart that she dares the impossible: escape. What she didn't count on in her planning was Gordon Lachlan. Though she is not a shy, fragile debutante she never expected that her first kiss would be from Gordon as a way to entrap her. She always imagined it would be from a man who loved her not use her for his own way. Once she learns more about Gordon though she starts getting confused. Her mind tells her to escape once again but her heart somehow keeps going back to Gordon. In his arms she feels safe, cherished and yet she still yearns for freedom. Can she just give up the first man to ever make her feel at home in Scotland when she always felt alone and in a bitter place? Can she really just give up and turn away the clan who has come to mean as family to her?

Oh my god I was thrilled to see that Cathy Maxwell wrote another Scottish tale. I have followed her career ever since my sister gave me a book of hers called, The Wedding Wager. Not only has she excelled in the imagination department and the romanticism of her characters it is so easy to see why historical romances are her specialty. Her characters come to life with a genuine flair that makes them so loveable. Constance is one free-spirited woman that will not let anything bring her down. I loved that finally here was a woman who, even though is from America shows her true colors and not cower in defeat of London propriety. She is in a word a perfect match for the Scottish lad, Gordon Lachlan. These two are like hot and cold when joined they have sparks and passion flying bringing them closer to one another. I so loved it and can't wait for Fiona's story in the next book. Great job Cathy.

Book Blurb for In the Highlander's Bed

Highland warrior Gordon Lachlan has spent his life fiercely battling the English. Now, to claim victory for his clan, he must retrieve the legendary Sword of the MacKenna from the hands of his mortal enemies. His plan: to kidnap Constance Cameron from her remote boarding school and force her wellborn relatives to surrender the sword as her ransom. But Lachlan is surprised that the woman he's snatched from her bed is no malleable miss. Constance longs for adventure. She's tantalized by Lachlan and his passionate cause . . . and tempted enough by his seductive ways to wonder what it would be like to find herself in the Highlander's bed . . .

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 5.00